baby powder

  1. M

    Just converted my Safe into my anti-familymember Ab/DL stash.

    I’m not super hardcore at this. I just like pacifiers and diapers. I decided to stop hiding my stuff in my car and keep it in my safe. Here’s the finished product. I can’t wait till I get my own room so I can wear diapers every night and not worry about trying to cover up the smell of baby...
  2. OfficialPastelPoppet

    Girls, stop using baby powder!

    This is very important. If you are a biologically female (sissies and trans baby girls are fine :) ) then please stop using baby powder! There have been numerous links between baby powder/talk and ovarian cancer. Here is a source, although a quick google search will reap many more...
  3. SimCo

    Powder vs. Lotion - What's the Difference

    When I first started wearing as an adult, I lavished myself with baby powder because the smell and process of getting powdered put me in a babyish place. Now I just use a diaper rash cream and no powder, but I am not sure if this is optimal. Can any of the experience diaper wearers explain in...
  4. FeekaDimension

    That Nursery Scent...

    So I've been trying to recreate the clean, powdery scent of the nurseries of my childhood but I can't quite get it right. I'm trying to figure out what combination of things would create the distinctive smell of a '90s nursery. I've been smelling lots of baby bath products and here's the ones...
  5. TyphaHare

    Changing mat?

    Baby powder gets everywhere Ö_Ö I change in the shower so I can wash it off the floor and so on but man is it a hassle.. a chaning mat might make it easier to handle? I'm pretty cheap tho, so even though it would be so lovely to feel authentic with an adult baby changing mat, they are way...
  6. TeddyBearCowboy

    What's up with Lavender?

    So, has anyone noticed the new trend of adding lavender scent or actual lavender to many of the classic baby products? :dunno: You can now buy: Lavender Baby Powder Lavender Baby Wash Lavender Baby Lotion Lavender Baby Oil Lavender Baby Shampoo Lavender Baby Laundry Detergent Lavender Baby...
  7. M

    Hiya new to this and enjoying it ^^

    well i just joined the site so far i like what i see i've been padding for awhile now and been a babyfur for a bit to but still kinda new to wearing diapers so any tips is very cool, also looking for some nice diapers ones that can hold allot pretty much a one a day diaper if ya get what i mean ^^
  8. D

    Baby powder or cream?

    Hello, could someone tell me if I should use baby powder or some sort of cream during diaper changes. Or both perhaps? Thanks for advice:smile1:.
  9. D

    Baby Powder

    The next time I go out to get diapers I was thinking of getting some baby powder too. The only problem is I have no idea how to put it on! Do I just kind of squirt it around the diaper area or do I put it in the diaper? How much do I use? Also, I sometimes use Desitin (diaper rash cream), can I...
  10. FievelandTonyAB93

    Received my diapers

    Got my Cushies diapers two hours ago and I can already tell how delighted and excited I am!!! The BabyFresh scent that was added in the diapers smelled really sweet and so babyish that this whole thing reminds me of my old baby days. I put on one of the diapers, but not before applying...