baby pants

  1. SimCo

    Update on My Search for a Onesie and Plastic Pants

    A few months ago I posted a thread sharing my experience with shopping for anti-leak accessories, namely plastic pants and a onesie. The thread can be found here, but it is now closed. To recap, I bought a onesie from Baby Pants and a pair of plastic pants from Fetware. The onesie ended up...
  2. marybeth

    Hugs and a Hello.

    I tend to "overwrite" and I think I did that with my first introduction - hence the changes. First I am an adult baby/diaper lover/sissy with a pointer that slides right to left all the time. I am also a cross dresser which began at age seven while the diapers began at age nine. I immediately...
  3. P

    Baby pants sizing question

    Hello, I'm going to be ordering a onesie and cloth training pants from baby pants soon, but I'm not sure what size to get since the fabric isn't pre shrunk. I wear a size 28 or 29 pants, and fit into Goodnites XL diapers snuggly. Should I get the medium in training pants to allow for shrinkage...
  4. xtrabulk

    Baby Pants Onesie Trick

    Hi there! I received my XL onesie from Baby Pants this last weekend. I had done some research, and from what I could tell, you're supposed to order your size and allow for shrinkage. Well, I'm super lazy, and went by my XP Medical bodysuit size, that being XL. Well, like many have mentioned...
  5. Piplup

    Baby Pants Onesie

    Hey guys! So yesterday my onesie from came in the mail. I got the dinosaur printed one in a small size but it's still really big on me :( I still haven't washed it, and I know it'll shrink, but I'm wondering how much. I've seen the shrink size chart on their website, but I feel...