baby fur

  1. sproutling

    Are Little Paws any good?

    I just used my last Tykables (sad morning too, had to get ready right away so I couldn't enjoy it for a little longer) and I decided to order a sample of Little Paws from wearingclouds, are they any good? I certainly love the design, but can anyone be honest about it?
  2. ScaredyCat

    Casual game project

    Hi. As I mentioned before, I'm gonna make a casual game for Android and iOS (probably). The project is called "My Adorable Cub" (MAC) and the basic idea is that you give care to interactive talking pet, you can talk to him, ask simple questions, and do other things. At the moment you can only...
  3. foxytiger

    The Wanted Child (NO MEAN COMMENTS PLEASE)

    INTRODUCTION: Matthew was a well-respected lawyer in the state of Maine. Living with his newly-wedded wife Kaitlyn who was a well-paid geneticist, they both wanted one thing; to have a baby and start a family. However, what if the child you want can’t be produced by any human beings on Earth...
  4. R

    This is life changing if we sign this! This is a petition I found that would urge baby diaper companies to make their diapers in larger sizes.
  5. CrinkleKat

    Some of my Artwork (Please be Gentle!!)

    Diaper Art? Hey guys! I wasn't sure where exactly to post this stuff, but I figured that this was the most appropriate place. It's just some crinkle art I'd been working on (though truthfully I finished it some time ago) and figured I'd spread the wealth. Hope you guys enjoy!