baby formula

  1. Demonbabywearspamps

    Baby food substitutes

    I've been thinking about trying some baby food like things since i had a friend recommend them for younger little space like 0-2 years old. So far I've been trying flavored apple sauce but i wanted something different. So does anyone have suggestions?
  2. C

    Baby formula

    Yesterday while I was changing my diaper I got thirsty but the milk was expired and there was no soda for me to drink out of my sippy cup so I realized that I can get baby formula but I don't know how it tastes I would like an honest opinion so that I don't waste my money on something that I...
  3. C

    Bought more diapers

    I finally bought more diapers because my previous pack of Goodnites have been used up so the other day I went to cvs and I bought a bigger pack of Goodnites with 27 diapers in it and a pack of pull ups with 19 diapers the pull ups actually fit better than I expected only downside is that they...