baby diapers

  1. anon2022

    Similar baby diapers to Pampers in Germany

    Hey guys, Im working on extending my stash and was wondering if any of you can recommend some more baby diapers I could maybe add to my collection. I’d love for them to be similar size wise to the Baby Dry Size 8. Now, since I live in Germany I unfortunately can’t get most of the baby diapers...
  2. Pokogirl

    Diapers in the Mountains

    So, I'm currently on vacation in the mountains. I'm here alone with a tour group. Going to stay here for a couple of weeks. The views are astonishing. But the roads are long & bumpy. Good thing I packed some diapers with me. I decided not to wet them but wear them all the time. I would only...
  3. ABDElsa

    What is That Amazingly Wonderful Smell You Get From Baby and ABU Diapers?!

    So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made...
  4. G

    Size 6 Pull-up nappies

    Hi all. I have just got myself some easy on pants by Boots. They are size 6 but I can get them on and wear them without them tearing. It's pretty fun pretending to be little. Do you like baby nappies and which are your favourites?
  5. B

    I buy baby diapers and still fit perfectly in them

    Hi, I am a diaper lover, but not an adult baby. I only wear diapers because it feels really good to go in them and it makes me feel very comfortable wearing them.. not when I need a change tho. I am obsessed with buying baby diapers. Nobody in my family or friends know about this. I have not...
  6. Pokogirl

    24/7 Essentials

    So, I'm finally done with the long moving process. And am finally back in diapers. I want to start going 24/7 for real this time. I had to throw away all my previous stash during the move. I have saved a decent amount of money. I already bought some diapers. Will buy some more tomorrow. As I...
  7. Pokogirl

    Anyone tried Huggies Wonder Pants??

    I have a 26 inch waist. And I'm thinking of getting these : What's your opinion about them? Will they fit me? Are they discreet enough for public wearing? What's the result in case of performance? I have been mainly wearing Mamy Poko Pants size XXL. They fit me quite well. They are...
  8. Pokogirl

    Considering Stuff Before Going 24/7 Again

    I have been near 24/7 for about 6 months. I had to take a long break due to moving reasons. I'm currently in a position to start wearing again. I gave a lot of thought and reached the conclusion that I would be 24/7 again. And this time for real & without any breaks. I need to consider some...
  9. XLdiapers

    New size 7 diaper from turkey!

    hello. a company in Turkey is now making a size 7 diaper in their Sleepy Sensitive diaper lineup. It is rated at 20-30kg. Are there anyone on her from Turkey that can acquire these diapers?
  10. Pokogirl

    Back to Diapers Again & In Need of Urgent Suggestion

    So.... I'm finally back to diapers after a long break. I'm currently wearing a leftover xxl size pink mamy poko pants pullup. Haven't wet it yet. Seems like my bladder has become a little shy after so many months of not peeing in a diaper. The reason I took the break was to save money for...
  11. Pokogirl

    Double pullups for Bedwetting Protection

    So, I've been wearing mamy poko pants size xxl to bed regularly. It's a baby diaper but I can fit in them perfectly & well. It's really comfortable to be in too. I have wet them a couple of time as well. The first time I didn't have any problem as I didn't pee too much. But the 2nd time I...
  12. XLdiapers

    NEW Dollar General size 7 diapers found!

    I just discovered a Dollar General in PA that has the size 7 in their baby diaper lineup. It si a nice find. I know that they are not available at all DG locations. I was on a drive through a town about 2 hours from me and found the size 7. The DG store was right in the middle of a town that...
  13. XLdiapers

    Store Brand size 7 Diapers

    It would be nice to see a list of store brand size 7 baby diapers. Could you check your local supermarkets and see if they have a size 7 in their store brand diapers? Lets see how complete we can make this list.
  14. Pokogirl

    Uses of Small Size Diapers

    So, I have been wearing different baby diapers for a while and I'm in love with them! The way they feel,the smell,the design etc..It was a matter of time that I ran out of diapers. I went to the nearby pharmacy today to buy the diapers I usually wear. But they weren't available. The shopkeeper...
  15. Pokogirl

    Need Diaper Suggestion From This Specific Site

    So,I recently started wearing diapers. I started with a local brand baby diaper. It was cheap, the patterns looked cute and also got the job done. I have a 26 waist and weight around 38 kgs. The diaper I used to wear had the label of XL size(11-24kg). Although it fitted me quite well, I...
  16. XLdiapers

    New size 7 diapers?

    Has anyone seen these new Darlings size 7 diapers? Has anyone tried them? They are rated at 24-36kg and look very big as compared to the Pampers size 7.
  17. ShortGuy

    Got my G.OONs "baby" diapers, pic and some comparison pics

    Hey all. Just got my GOO.N diapers, ordered from Germany. Just thought to show it with some comparison with a few other known and unknown diapers. From left to right Goo.n Super Big XXL, DryNites L-XL boys, Girls underjams L-XL, Kiwisto size 7, Pampers Baby dry 6 Only managed to upload one...
  18. Pokogirl

    Bought Baby Diapers For The First Time

    So...I finally mustered up my courage to go and bought some XL size baby diapers.They were cheap local brand diapers (about 2 dollar for 4 diapers).I bought these temporarily to see if they can really fit me. And they do! I mean apart from the side tapes.Although they reach the end,they snap :/...
  19. Pokogirl

    Buying and Wearing Baby Diapers

    So,who wears baby diapers here? I have always wanted to try wearing baby diapers. I have decided to buy some. But I'm unsure which one. I know there are various kinds like pull-ups,pants style,regular disposable ones etc. (I'm actually not that knowledgable about diapers) Also the sizes matter...
  20. Y

    Are there/Will there ever be ACTUAL adult baby diapers?

    Hey there! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been wanting to post this for a long time because I've never really seen a post on this. So I guess I'll start one. First of all. I don't think anything compares to baby diapers. Huggies, Pampers, there's no comparison. They have so many...