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  1. StephKutzmark

    Pullup (pull-up) / baby diaper lovers?

    Hi! I've been interested in spesifically baby diapers and pullups for as long as i can remember and the love that other people have for medical or ABDL diapers has never really grown on me. I've honestly been wondering if anyone else feels this same way as me, or at least prefers baby diapers...
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    Pampers phases 2009 dry max
  3. Pokogirl

    Help Me Choose a Bedwetting Diaper

    So, I tried wearing Mamy Poko Pants XXXL for bedwetting & it worked quite well. No leaks. Comfortable & sound sleep. I didn't have to wake up at the middle of the night to change. It held my full night's wetting perfectly. But it's very rare to find the xxxl size & I only have 2 more left...
  4. Pokogirl

    Bought The Biggest Baby Diaper (Mamy Poko Pants XXXL)

    After searching numerous baby shops & shopping malls I finally found the legendary diaper. Mamy Poko pants XXXL. When I saw it, I didn't hesitate a moment to buy it. The diaper is quite big and can stretch a lot. It could easily fit people having...
  5. Pokogirl

    Another ABDL Near Me?

    I'm from Bangladesh & I might be the only person in the whole country that is a diaper lover and wears diapers 24/7 by choice. Surely, there are elderly people who need diapers and wear them. But I don't think any of them are here on adisc. Recently, I found some diapers lying around near my...
  6. O

    Can't find a diaper I like...

    Ok let me just start this off by saying that I am not an AB or a furry at all, I just have a diaper fetish. Also I haven't actually got my own diapers and worn them yet. All the pictures I've seen of ABDL/medical adult diapers have the side parts way too low, and I don't like it at all. However...
  7. Pokogirl

    Can't stop buying baby diapers

    So.... I finally decided that I would stop wearing baby diapers and get myself some proper adult diapers. I have been wearing baby diapers for a while now. I mainly wear XXL size Mamy Poko Pants. I have a small body and this diaper in particular fits me quite well. It's comfortable, discreet and...
  8. Pokogirl

    Back to Diapers Again & In Need of Urgent Suggestion

    So.... I'm finally back to diapers after a long break. I'm currently wearing a leftover xxl size pink mamy poko pants pullup. Haven't wet it yet. Seems like my bladder has become a little shy after so many months of not peeing in a diaper. The reason I took the break was to save money for...
  9. Pokogirl

    Mamy Poko Pants XXL

    So, I've finally used up all my diapers & now it's time for diaper some diaper shopping. The choices I get here is very limited. Good adult diapers are rare. So, I mostly wear baby diapers & am in love with them. Also I don't have the guts to buy adult diapers. I have 26 waist & can fit into...
  10. C

    Finally tried Pampers size 7

    So last week I finally found out that Target sold pampers cruisers size 7. As much as I have been wanting to try size 7 for a VERY long time I finally went out and bought them. They fit me pretty decently, it's still tight since it is a diaper made for babies. But I am able to fit into them and...
  11. Pokogirl

    Need Diaper Suggestion From This Specific Site

    So,I recently started wearing diapers. I started with a local brand baby diaper. It was cheap, the patterns looked cute and also got the job done. I have a 26 waist and weight around 38 kgs. The diaper I used to wear had the label of XL size(11-24kg). Although it fitted me quite well, I...
  12. Pokogirl

    Bought Baby Diapers For The First Time

    So...I finally mustered up my courage to go and bought some XL size baby diapers.They were cheap local brand diapers (about 2 dollar for 4 diapers).I bought these temporarily to see if they can really fit me. And they do! I mean apart from the side tapes.Although they reach the end,they snap :/...
  13. Pokogirl

    Buying and Wearing Baby Diapers

    So,who wears baby diapers here? I have always wanted to try wearing baby diapers. I have decided to buy some. But I'm unsure which one. I know there are various kinds like pull-ups,pants style,regular disposable ones etc. (I'm actually not that knowledgable about diapers) Also the sizes matter...
  14. W

    Which baby diapers still fit adults

    I know the little swimmers large do but nothing more does anyone have a list im 28-30 waist
  15. M

    Baby-like diapers

    Helllo everyone! I just recently joined the great community here, I am new to all the ABDL stuff... I started few months ago with Tena diapers which I like a lot. Anyhow, we all know that as good as an adult diaper can get - it's never the same as wearing a baby diaper (or any adult diaper that...
  16. Sitherus

    I designed a diaper.

    I designed a diaper now someone should make it and send me a case. if the diaper goes viral in the marketing id want at the least credit and a discount of them. :smile1: Anyways... this is it tell me what you think!
  17. H

    Baby diaper mod

    Hi , so basically I ran out of my stash and all I am left with are my baby sisters diapers (size 1 huggies) . Is there somehow a way I can modify them to make them somewhat fit or anything? Thanks
  18. Outdoorsman

    Wearing with girlfriend

    Sorry bit of a long post but i wanted to make sure I got enough back story in. My girlfriend and I have been dating for 5 1/2 years now. I told here about my interest in wearing diapers about 1 1/2 years into our relationship. She was really turned off my the idea at fist and wanted nothing to...
  19. paddedkitten

    Baby Baby Diapers

    I recently purchased a package of Huggies Goodnites L/XL and I fell in love. Because I liked them so much, I began researching similar types of diapers and pull-ups big enough to fit an adult waist, but made for babies and teens. I'm mainly interested in physical appeal and fit than absorbency...
  20. KatelynG

    Diaper Review: Well Beginnings Diapers (Size 6)

    Well Beginnings is Walgreens's generic brand of baby supplies. These are the diaper part of that line. This is a review of size 6, purchased in November 2014. Well Beginnings Diapers are also available in sizes 1-5 (standard sizing). No absorbancy info is provided. Appearance, Size, and...