baby clothes

  1. D

    Babyfur model?

    Hi there! I'm looking for a male babyfur who is willing to model for me (fully clothed/diaper and shirt, etc). I'm an artist and I'm looking for inspiration to make more ABDL art. Please comment here, since I can't answer privately yet (I'm new here)
  2. barrythebumblebee

    sesame street clothing

    Hi guys back again ^-^! Okay so I just had to let all my little abdl friends know that I found sesame street clothing at sears for girls. I just picked up some elmo and cookie monster panties and they look super cute over diapers plus I got a cookie monster pj set and bra cx. Ugh they are way...
  3. Wallaby

    Best place to buy a onsie?

    Ok I know theres probably a lot of onsie threads already, and I'm technically not an adult baby, but since you guys are older than me, I assume you have more experience with onsies, so here it goes: I've been looking into babyish clothes lately (so far I have a footed sleeper ^^) but I'm...