baby boy

  1. ABAlex2

    The Apology

    The game was fast and fierce. The players quickly covered the map, looking for animated weapons and built in cover. At the same time, they were shooting constantly, trying to hit anyone on the opposing team. However, what was even more furious was the chatter. The players shouted insults and...
  2. L

    ABU Lavender diapers hold Soooooo much pee pee!!!

    So I ordered a case of the Abu Lavender's, and I just got them in the mail yesterday! Yay! And I just have to let this be said to all the haters out there that have tried to hate on these diapers..... NO. Just NO. Put your paci's in and shhhhh hater's, because you are very very wrong! I...
  3. babypr1


    Hello, I'm back at, it have been a while since i have been here. I hope to be more active here. You can talk to me anytime and i'll be more than happy to answer. If you like tumblr you can find me at
  4. timmy23

    Gender switching

    Since I discovered my little side I've always been firm in my beliefs that I am a baby boy, even though I am a woman. Now I am androgynous, the more "manly" girl my lesbian relationship. I as wondering if you've met any other females that role play as baby boys? I know that sissies are very...