baby bottles

  1. K

    Wine served in baby bottles.

    Hi guys and gals not sure if anyone knew this but you might be interested to know that there is a bar in Paris called Le Refuge des Fondus that serves wine in baby bottles. Check it out pretty cool.
  2. Kid

    Being an Adult Baby is taking over my Life.

    In the past two months my diaper love/adult baby activities has taken a new turn for the better. I recently got a pacifier (actually just got my second one this week). I like the new one I got a lot more then my first one - it is a rubber Nuk 3 (18m+). I like that is actually falls out of my...
  3. Diapered Rabbit

    If you like to use baby bottles, what kinds/brands are your favorites?

    :bunny: (Feel free to add info in this thread as this may not be the definitive treatise on this topic, by any means). From time to time, I like to drink warmed milk from a baby bottle. I have quite a large collection of various kinds and certainly have favorites. Baby bottles, two main...