1. Angellothefox

    10 Things that babies do/have/can have that makes me Jelious

    I know this is silly but some of these do make me a little Jelly. 10. Babies can use their diapers in public. Yes I know they is nothing stopping us from doing that but it is a gray area and it comes under the public indicincy act even if you have the cubical door closed. If any member of the...
  2. kik91

    I'm A Bedside Buddy!

    Hai guys and girls!! So, a few months ago I wrote one thread about being a Baby Cuddler. Where, I am finally volunteering as a Bedside Buddy! Yesterday was my third shift and it is awesome!! My job is to play with kids and entertainment in their stay at the hospital so they don't feel alone...
  3. MommyAmantha

    Mommy Here, Hi!

    Hi y'all :-) I've been so busy offline I forgot to post a hellos! I'm Amantha, Mommy to one adorable local boy. We live a ways apart, so we don't get to visit much. I wish I had more local babies! I love all aspects of babytime! I am also working on making baby clothes :-) Stay cute! --Amantha