babies r us

  1. L

    Hi everybody, Im LeeBaby

    I'm bisexual, transgendered, been on hormones .. grew my own tits etc, only ever wear ladies underwear usually but recently I found three brand new packs of Tena Lady Discreet Pants in our communal bin so I grabbed one and tried a pair on. I'm now addicted to Lady's Incontinence pants and don't...
  2. EmoCowMoo

    purchasing pampers size 7

    In my town, the only place that would ever sell Pampers size 7 was Walgreens, which is where I used to buy them, but as of last August, they stopped selling size 7, which completely sucks. No other freakin grocery store, walmart, or k-mart in my town sold them, soooo stupid. So as of the...