1. A

    Anyone else having order problems from Awwsocute?

    I placed an order with the aww so cute company 10 days ago and it has not shipped out. They are not responding to my support ticket, it has been over 24 hours. Is anyone else having problems with their aww so cute order? I do want to say that ive been ordering from them for a few years now and...
  2. tomviper000

    New awwsocute design

    I haven't seen a post about the new AwwSoCute comic designs yet. What does everyone think? I'm not a huge fan; not much thought were put into the design. They are kind of plain, and nothing like the comic designs that appear on goodnites or other baby diapers.
  3. BunnyAiden

    Crooked AwwSoCute pacifier

    So I bought an AwwSoCute pacifier not too long ago and despite some complaints I didn't have any issues ordering from them and it arrived just fine. However after a while I noticed that the nipple part seems to be crooked, like it's not placed right. That's about the best picture I could...
  4. G

    "Flood" of new AB/DL diapers hitting the market

    Has anyone else noticed that there has been a large amount of diapers hitting the market lately? With ABU back in business carrying 2 new types of diapers (and actually delivering, even though i never had an issue), DC Amor and the gen 2 pink diapers, Snuggies and the new overnight series, Aww...
  5. xtrabulk

    Awwsocute Issue

    So early this month I ordered from Awwsocute. The diapers came in 5 days, but were small. I ordered the medium, but their size is wonky. So, since I got my product in a timely fashion, I ordered 2 bags of Large. That was 11 days ago, and not a word. Anyone else have a great first impression...
  6. mewte

    Aww so cute paci's

    Does anyone have any experience with the aww so cute paci's? I'm thinking about buying one, but I'd like to know people's thoughts before I spend my money on one. :scratchchin: Or I may buy one from inner child.
  7. CrinklesTheBunny

    Aww So Cute and The Rubber Nipple Website

    I posted a while back about how Aww So Cute making the whole AB thing more sexual. This new Rubber Nipple website which they host, is definitely sexually based. Isn't there enough sites out there that are sexual based depicting women as wanna be AB's. Personally I find it a slap in the face to...
  8. Littleleogirl

    Awwsocute shipment taking forever!

    So I ordered a sample pack of awwsocute diapers along with a pacifier (my first online abdl puchase ever! eep) on November 25th. I haven't received anything yet and Im getting nervous because Im supposed to go on vacation next week and I have a friend staying at my apartment. I wouldn't be...