1. T

    Would I be allowed to post my Indiegogo campaign here?

    I want to film a series for YouTube based on Assassins Creed, and I can't think of any place to turn to where the people are more supportive than here.
  2. Talula

    Re-introduction: Talula Returns

    So, I used to post a lot here back in the day, but unfortunately life got in way! I'm not an AB/DL myself, but I joined here a long long time ago (almost 6 and a half years!!) to find out more about this lifestyle since my boyfriend at the time was one. Not too long after my boyfriend and I...
  3. barrythebumblebee

    sesame street clothing

    Hi guys back again ^-^! Okay so I just had to let all my little abdl friends know that I found sesame street clothing at sears for girls. I just picked up some elmo and cookie monster panties and they look super cute over diapers plus I got a cookie monster pj set and bra cx. Ugh they are way...
  4. Meowstic

    Really Funny/Wierd/Crazy Dream I Had

    Sorry if this is sloppy, I just woke up and minutes afterwords trying to remember details. Mods, if you think this should be moved, please do so. :thumbsup: I had this dream last night. It's wierd how long it seemed to last, and how I can actually remember the big events. So anyways, it starts...
  5. B

    What's Up Party People?!!

    Hey. I love mini-golf, legitimate sports, and bowling. See what I did there? Anyway, I can't wait to get to know you all. Feel free to hit me up, especially if you're a fan of indie rock.
  6. Auby

    Avatar the Last Airbender/Legend of Korra

    I absolutely loved AVTA and am psyched for the release of LOK (April 14th). So how about you?
  7. N

    Hey World

    Hello everyone, I am NewWannaBe, I chose it as a name because I very rarely have access to diapers, so I am on the outside looking in.
  8. Toddy

    bashing up nords in Elder scrolls 5 Skyrim, Killing big aliens in gears of war 3, Playing Brink together online. These are few of my faovrite things

    Well considering I havent posted anything since 30-01-2011 its long over due I havent been inactive just havent posted anything. So I thought id post something about games! Cause whats better then video games? (diapers money ice cream wow actually a lot of stuff) So lets just jump right into...
  9. Kyatto

    I Told my friends :D

    My friends were all discussing what there fetishes and stuff are, when it got to me, i said it's not a fetish as such, but i'm a furry. I didn't even bother them that much, even though i really needed a drink after that xD my face was completely red. They still dunno that i'm a bf though. Im not...
  10. Z

    Your first time getting diapers

    In the recent slieu of threads about the first time for individual members with almost no room for discussion, I figured it might be better to have just one. (Maybe it might get stickied?) I still have my first pack, it's buried inside an extra computer tower. I was riding by Shopper's Drug...
  11. codered

    Test Drive Unlimited 2!!!

    It's coming out later this year and it looks sweet! you can check it out on their website! Home | Test Drive Unlimited 2 Official Website :D anybody else as happy about this as i am?!
  12. Shukkume

    Party With The Bear! (Commercials discussion)

    Hey guys! I was just flippin' through my local channels with my friend a few days ago, and we stumbled across this: YouTube - Birthday World Party With The Bear! So, is it just my area, or are the commercials in your area incredibly cheesy and lame, too? (In other words: Discuss commercials...
  13. Hata

    Hata, the Prince of Jungle

    I guess if you really need to know more about me you can watch the movie trailer in my signature, which you may view either on my profile, or in my next post, a few mouse scrolls away. To give you a basic idea, I am a very talented, extremely intelligent, marvelously handsome young man, a...
  14. J

    (: Hello from Missouri

    (: My name's Jayk (Pronounced like Jake. please... Don't decapitate the Jay from the K). I'm here cuz I'm cool and hear you all are cool too My favorite series in the world is Heroes. My favorite pizza :pizza: is the cheddar and Ham at cici's (maybe that's local?). I love cookies. I love to...
  15. BromeTeks

    So, I went to school as a pirate today...

    Yeah, despite the fact that there was no occasion whatsoever, I decided to go to school dressed as a pirate today. Pictures may or may not follow. Thoughts/comments/related stories? 3 2 1 DISCUSS
  16. Klokwork

    America is awesome

    Our tits are big and our dicks are long. And what do we do on our country's birthday? We blow shit up. We are a war hungry people whose national anthem was written about a battle. We're fat as hell, pollute the most and have all the nukes. Yesterday whilst listening to Rush Limbaugh, I gazed up...