1. kikee

    Oldest and Newest Member ?

    Am I the oldest new member ? I have been a diaper lover for nearly 60 years, and have been around the ABDL Community, watching it grow and evolve, for over 15 years. - I have participated in a lot of forums such as this one, but i am a brand new kid on the block here. - In my opinion, its the...
  2. Piplup

    AB Documentary?

    So let me start off by saying that I'm film student who's become very interested in documentaries in the past few months. And an ABDL doc probably isn't something I would do. But have fantasized about. We all know there've been AB's on TV documentary series, and they're NOT a good...
  3. Addy


    I've noticed throughout the ABDL community there are several people who use enemas and/or laxatives. In light of this I want to post some possible effects their continual and persistent use may have. As far as enemas are concerned, undergoing enemas can disrupt the mechanisms that are in place...