1. Coyote_Howl

    Feedback Requested Diapers in avatars?

    (said I'd do it) Anyways, I figure this would create some issues and a discussion would be at least merited. Should diaper avatars be banned? What I mean by that is more so avatars of just diapers, over those with diapers in them. The idea usually tossed around is that avatars express who the...
  2. KandiKit

    Avatars !

    I was just thinking about the avatars we all use here on this forum and others. (for the sake of this thread i'd like to keep it to the avatar you use here on ADISC) In short our avatars are a visual display of what we would have others see whenever they read our posts, or view our profiles and...
  3. Pramrider

    Avatars Sending Mixed Signals?

    Something crossed my mind today after what went down with MFH. I know the rules currently do not permit crotch shots of diapers. In the light of what happened recently, do you think pictures or drawings of younger children in diapers as avatars could somehow send mixed signals to...
  4. starshine

    Animated Avatars

    I've noticed a few members who have animated (.gif) avatars... but whenever I try it says they aren't allowed. Do you have to ask, or something?