1. Tasmaniandevilpadded

    Autistic toddler still wearing pull-ups training pants

    I was aged three, I was diagnosed with my former neurophysiological to found that children with autism spectrum disorder since in 90’s. I have autistic because I am learning slowly to how to potty train. I made me overwhelmed after I doesn’t like sit on toilet are cold seat to cause my sensory...
  2. Tasmaniandevilpadded

    Crinklz Buccaneer Diapers

    Hi, I was seem today person who posted this website about new Crinklz diapers design. I checked on NorthShore Care website to found Crinklz diapers to see new two design Fairy Tales and Buccaneer. I can't believe that diapers are new beautiful printed on plastic shell. I like picture of pirate...
  3. S

    I need help finding a breathable diaper.

    Hiya. I'm autistic and as such, I deal with habituation issues. I am too sensitive to my bladder at night and my senses will prevent me from sleeping even if my bladder is pretty much empty sometimes. Getting out of bed many times a night to use the restroom when I don't actually have to go just...
  4. D

    Any Littles with Autism out there?

    Both me and my Daddy have autism and I wanted to see if any of you guys have ever been diagnosed either! I'd love to make some Aspie/Little friends! :grouphug: