1. Fleetwoodmac32192

    Wearing Adult Diapers/Pull Ups with Autism dispute

    I'm usually able to make it to the toilet. But does it make me feel better with having to stop what I'm doing to find the toilet or worse having to hold it in when there's no where to go? No, not at all. My partner doesn't want me to wear and wants me to keep holding onto my personal...
  2. littlemitch98

    Where to get things

    Is there anyone who has or knows of anywhere that dose Thomas the tank engine or train or car related clothing or any or dose anyone like Thomas or lightning McQueen
  3. ronnieM

    Autism: How/where do you get tested?

    Talked with a psychiatrist for the first time about ABDL stuff, and at the end I asked her about autism and she said it would be a good idea to get tested for it. I've always felt like something was a bit off and looking back and reading up on diagnosis sheets, a lot of things align, and many...
  4. Slomo

    Am I Autistic?

    So I often see someone say they are Autistic and like or do certain things I can relate to. I have never been diagnosed as Autistic though, even by my old therapist from when I was a kid. So on a whim I just decided to try an online self test here...
  5. autinico

    Autistic DL

    Hello, I am Nico from germany. I am 29 years old and a DL. I have autism and a lot of other health issues but under control with medical cannabis. I am a computer nerd and I am working as a programmer.
  6. Angelbaby


    Alexander Cummins ran a hand through his shock of short blonde hair in frustration. This was not what he wanted at all. "But Dad!! You're not hearing me! If I can get into school THIS year I can be making loads of money in three years! Isn't that what you want?" He'd expected or at least...
  7. S

    I need help finding a breathable diaper.

    Hiya. I'm autistic and as such, I deal with habituation issues. I am too sensitive to my bladder at night and my senses will prevent me from sleeping even if my bladder is pretty much empty sometimes. Getting out of bed many times a night to use the restroom when I don't actually have to go just...
  8. D

    Any Littles with Autism out there?

    Both me and my Daddy have autism and I wanted to see if any of you guys have ever been diagnosed either! I'd love to make some Aspie/Little friends! :grouphug:
  9. R

    How I became a teen baby

    I am not looking to be critiqued on how I write. I happen to like the way I write, so I'm not going to change my writing style until I'm ready to do so. Okay, so my Lulu and Sephy story turned out to be a challenge. I'm writing a new story now that I hope will turn out better. Ideas for the...
  10. caitianx

    New to AB/DL Community

    Hello? I am a person with Mild Autism & Mild Cerebral Palsy, both lifelong developmental disabilities. I wear Stainless Steel/Plastic Ankle-Foot Orthoses leg braces & I use Loftstrand Crutches or my Rollator Walker to help me to "stand & walk" I am medically incontinent both my bladder & my...
  11. A

    Diaper Help

    Ok I need some serous help her, Alyssa (my cousin) is under my care for a while, she is 19 and she has high functioning autism. Her period started up today. Due to sensory issues she cant use pads or tampons, she used to use goodnights but today we discovered she out grew them l xl sizes and she...
  12. Klokwork

    A question for people in the autism spectrum

    I'd like to preface this by stating that this is a serious question. I'm not trolling, I'm genuinely curious: Why do you guys like sonic the hedgehog so much? He has only 4 good games, maybe 5 if you count sonic spinball. But that was like 10 years ago. What's his appeal? Again, I'm not trying...
  13. A


    Im a 23 years old boy who have Asperger syndrome. Have had/and still have wet/mess accident cause of not interpretting the feeling of going to toilet right (can interpret it as im hungry or not at all). I have planned toilet rutines everyday, so i dont get that many accidents. Besides, im allso...