1. Shaunikins321

    Size 7 nappies in Australia - Woolworths Little One’s Size 7 Roamer

    For some years, us Aussies have looked on at the proliferation of Size 7 and even Size 8 nappies (diapers) becoming available in the USA and more recently UK. Meanwhile, our market has remained stagnant, content with providing only up to Size 6 before forcing parents into buying...
  2. edgyfox

    Australian Babyfur Fox

    Hi, I'm James and just came back here as I have been away for a long time. I'm a straight, Clean Babyfur Fox just hoping to learn and try new things and hopefully make some new friends online and in real life. I'm from Country Victoria about 2 hours from Melbourne.
  3. edgyfox


    I don't know if it's because I'm not in the City or if it's because I'm straight but it seems really hard to make friends here in Australia that are at least accepting of the ageplay lifestyle. A lot of people seem to be scared away by it. Is anyone else finding the same?
  4. edgyfox

    There doesn't seem to be many Babyfurs in Australia...

    I have been a Babyfur since 2011 and in that whole time I've only ever me a littlefur. I don't know if it's because I'm straight or live out of the City or if it is just that Australian Babyfurs are few and far between?
  5. S

    Woolworths Store Brand Nappies? (Australian supermarket chain)

    So, my local supermarket only has, for adults, Tena Men Level 4 (not the best I've been told) and depends real fit for men (also apparentley not the best). They sell their own store brand called "Confidence for women" (I'm male btw). Does anyone know if these store brand ones are good? I can't...
  6. B

    Hello to Perth & Western Australia ABDLs

    My name is Blair. I am 37 years old and live in Busselton, Western Australia. I have a sexual fetish for disposable nappies and denim overalls. I have a loving, supportive wife that knows all about me and let's me openly express myself. I want some ABDL friends
  7. itsacurlyone

    Australia's Supplier of ABDL diapers

    Littles Down Under have just been appointed as Australia's official supplier of Bambino diapers and these are due to land in Australia any day now We are also the supplier of Rearz, Crinklz, BetterDry, Fabine and lots more. Australia's only physical store and...
  8. S

    Regarding Padding Plus Australia - Now ABU Australia

    Seems like our beloved PaddingPlus has partnered with ABUniverse what is now known as ABU AU :smile:
  9. DaddyScott40

    Hello, from Melbourne, Australia.

    Hey everyone. Ex-kiwi now living in Melbourne, Australia! I would identify myself as a Daddy/carer of littles (I have had relationships such as this in the past and really adore have a girl of my own and taking care of her! Love to meet/connect with others here, get to know people and maybe find...
  10. X

    Where to get Molicare plastic backed?

    Hey all :) Just wondering where I can get a case of Molicare Super Plus, The plastic backed purple version. Preferable in Australia as I do not want to pay extreme shipping costs. I cannot seem to find these particular ones anymore as most retailers stock the cloth backed ones and I don't...
  11. D

    Adelaide Australia - Daddy DL

    Hi all By way of a brief introduction here is a summary of what I'm interested in: I love to travel, watch movies and in particular ones in the scifi/fantasy genre, and hang out with friends. I live near a national park, so I like to get out and walk through that, and I'm in training for a...
  12. AussieLils

    Plus size IC Diapers Australia

    I got refered to this site by a friend whose a DL. I have incontinence issues that are getting worse, I have some XL Depends but their too small and dont absorb much. The cheapest I can find AUD for 2XL or bigger [if there is bigger id love to know!] is $106 for 32 without postage. I was...
  13. Firehawk

    Hello from Australia

    Hello everyone. I'm a male DL who is is incontent mostly at night but it has been working it's way into my daytime life recently. I wet the bed until I was 15 and with the help of medication it stopped. I had breife periods of incontene when I was 21 and 27. When I was 38 it started again...
  14. itsacurlyone


    For those in Australia who are after new nappies or a supplier, I run both and also We are about to receive our supply of Rearz Safari nappies in all sizes. These are available to (pre) order now, and currently (for a limited time only) you can...
  15. Artemisia

    New to being a Carer: Sydney, Australia

    Hi All, I am a new to exploring this world. Firstly, disclosure to be fair. I became interested in the world ABDL through both my play with a new lover and through my work as a professional kinkster helping others explore their unique wiring. I am here both to explore personally and also...
  16. AKOL

    Australia- Off the shelf Nappies

    Hey Aussie Peoples, I haven't posted recently due to a few personal issues. I would like to bring up the topic of buying Adult Nappies at supermarkets and Chemists. I only have ever seen the Pullup kind of nappy available. My first "Adult" purchase was Depend Real fit at a local IGA. I don't...
  17. AKOL

    Question for the Aussies

    Hi everyone, This is mainly for the Australian AB/DL's. I was recently restocking my stach when I discovered that the chemist I was in didn't have any Drynites 8 to 15. I then went further down the isle and down a Babylove product called Sleepy Nights. The were not gender specific so I thought...
  18. Cubtori

    Hiya, from Australia!!

    Hi everyone, I have no idea what to write here, so ill just start by saying i only recently found this site and have been stalking for abit, thought i might as well join, so i guess i should talk about myself, ive been into diapers for as long as i can remember, im from australia, im 18 just...
  19. Meowstic

    Lucky Aussies, wasteful 'Muricans

    Lucky Australia still gets Ford Falcons, and also get the Holden Ute which is basically a modern El Camino. The Coupe Utility (Ute) is basically a station wagon but behind the front seats is a bed. The closest we have in America is the 4-door Subaru Baja, which they stopped making in 2006. Utes...
  20. Argent

    Kolibri Comslip

    Not often I rave about a diaper/nappy but OMG Kolibri Comslip are the most absorbent and reliable diaper I have ever tried. Pure white crinkly plastic, elastic on the back, leakage guards, thick and they SWELL UP and retain like you would actually want a diaper to. For me they were extremely...