1. tiny

    Laurel or Yanny?! (audio illusion)

    This is the latest thing to take over the internet. There is a (modified) audio clip of a person speaking. Some people hear the word "laurel", while others hear "yanny". I know! They're not even close in pronunciation! I played the video and I actually hear "yammy" (with Ms instead of Ns)...
  2. Jakethefox

    as if I couldnt do any more to my audio

    Yes, I could. and I have Setup 11! highs - 1 KLH outdoor speaker, 1 Allegro outdoor speaker (both 40w ones) High/mids - 2 Pioneer Blue label 6.50s in 1cu.ft. boxes tuned to 45hz mids/midbass - 2 Pioneer White label 6x9s in 1cu.ft. boxes tuned to 60hz midbass/bass - 2 Acoustic Research AR4X...