1. M

    Rating of ATNs vs. other non-printed diapers.

    I was curious what's the general rating of these since I wear them 24/7. I really like them- Mostly for the overly-tape-tight ness (but sometimes leak because I drank a lot of liquid/forget to change/blah.) Please rate 1-5 versus other non-printed diapers. Thanks :D
  2. russel

    Im so thankful for REAL diapers!

    Let me start off by saying I have been using ABU Simple/Barebum/Pre schools..etc. I have even recently tried Betterdry, and What a wonderful Diaper that is!. But recently just wanted to go back old school and retry some Attends waistband, and ATN diapers. WOW...just wow.:o How in the world did I...
  3. PaddedLittleParadise

    Just found my new favorite diaper combo

    Like many of you, over the years I've experimented with many different types of disposables, usually looking for thickness and bulk to enhance the comfort and excitement of the wearing experience. For me personally, I've found that there are at least two main aspects a diaper can have that feel...
  4. D

    Woo! Just wore an ATN last night.

    I just wore for the first time last night and a little this morning. It was amazing. I wore a Tranquility ATN and wet a little before I went to sleep. I woke up (didn't wet while sleeping because I can't yet would be cool to though) and went to take a shower and then flooded it. It was...
  5. D

    Shopping for Variety(requesting opinions and suggestions)

    I recently picked up my first pack of diapers which were Tranquility ATNs. For their "class" I like them. They're pretty absorbent and the PERFECT price. The only problem I've run into so far is that they're EXTREMELY crinkly. I don't own any briefs, but there is no way that boxers and jeans can...
  6. D

    First AB/DL online order

    So I'm making my first online order and I'm pretty nervous about it. My cart consists of the following: -2 Pack of Nuk 3 pacis -Gerber First Essential 5 ounce bottle -6 pack of Gerber First Essential Fast flow nipples -1 12 pack of tranquility ATNs My order total is about $24, so if anyone has...
  7. M

    Score!! =d

    So I just decided to run to Goodwill just to see what they had and I was look through the electronics and didn't see anything really tempting but then I started walking towards the cloths and BAM! there were 5 packs of Tranquilty ATN sitting there. 4 packs of medium size and 1 pack of smalls. So...