1. BabyMitchy

    Assurance Boxers Incontinence Product Review

    Hey guys! Like everything I do, this is a clean video review of the assurance brand incontinence boxers. In a nutshell: 1. Absorbs far better than expected. 2. Feels very loosey goosey, absorbent material hangs loose away from the body unless you pull them real high on your waist...(And they...
  2. F

    Assurance Boxer Style pull ons

    I saw some boxer type pullons for adults at Walmart a few weeks ago, and I have to say, I'm very displeased with their quality. I'd say that they pretty much took the absorbent part of the pull-ons, and just inserted it into very cheaply made boxer style cloth. I'm glad I only purchased a single...
  3. kalynnharvey

    Should I buy Walgreens Certainty or Walmart Assurance?

    Are the walgreens diapers better than walmarts? I can buy both but im stuck on which to get. Are they even worth it or should i just go check out the thrift store for some real diapers?
  4. Bambusa

    Assurance Diapers: So bummed

    When it comes to everyday diapers there are four things I look for: Cost, Performance (in terms of one use), fit and appearance. So my diaper of choice during the day has been the Assurance briefs from Wal-Mart. They cost less than fifty cents apiece (20 for about 9.00); they are plain, white...
  5. Darkfinn

    Daytime Diaper Review

    Daytime Diaper Review. Greetings all... I recently got in a bag of Abena (Abri) Supers... so I figure now is a good a time as any to do a review and comparison of some diapers that are ideal for daytime use. What I have are three "thinner" diapers (from L to R)... Abri-Super, Attends...