asking for advice

  1. smolandspooky

    advice for cloth diapers?

    Hey all! Im trying to switch to cloth diapers as buying disposables is not in my budget. Ive ordered some online (Sigzagor to be exact, a pocket diaper with a PUL cover) where you stuff them with inserts. Ive also ordered some microfiber inserts to start off with. Does anyone here have advice or...
  2. C

    How to get somebody's opinion

    How would I discreetly get somebody's opinion about the whole abdl thing before telling them, this is online btw so I can't talk to them in person and we can't meet up.
  3. TyphaHare

    Save Express Shipping Questions!

    I want to order from Save Express, but I have never used the shipping options they offer... I think!? They're some sort of courier options and uh.. durp.. how do I use those services!? I feel SO DUMB ASKING :''D But! I live in the middle of nowhere and if I miss the courier, and have to go get...