1. XLdiapers

    Uk nappies

    I am interested to get a hold of the ASDA Little Angels Girls Day/Night Pants L/XL. Anyone here from the UK willing to acquire 3 packets of these and to sell to me? PM me if you are interested.
  2. PampersboyLondon

    Asda Little Angles Size 6+

    I just wanted to say how impressive these are they soak up loads, swell like a classic old school nappy and they are almost design specificly for big kids because the front pattern is so bland... its like the only reason they have is to justify it being a baby nappy. I wish they had put longer...
  3. B

    My Big Day

    I had a big day today =] I normally can't wear nappies or pullups at home because i live with my mum. but ive been having some trouble with my tummy and toilet trouble, (probs ibs), so i suggested to my mum that i should wear some 'extra protection' to save my knickers =$. so for the past few...