1. medicalmagic

    Diaper Art 02

    New doodles. :) This is what I’ve done today instead of studying for my organic chemistry exam tomorrow morning or doing the preparation assignment for the organic chemistry lab that is also tomorrow morning. Oh well. And please note: all of the art here is sketchbook level stuff, so it’s not...
  2. medicalmagic

    Diaper Art

    I doodle sometimes and I hope it’s okay to make this thread a place where I can post some of my art that is relevant to the forum in some way. If anything is too NSFW, please let me know and I’ll delete it right away (if I can? I don’t actually know how to delete when someone has already...
  3. August08

    Art + Fanart

    I just wanted my own thread to put my art in as I make it, but feel free to post yours here too :) this is apollo justice from the ace attorney series with klavier as his dada :) I might make one of him with Phoenix tho idk, he has his hair down because babies don’t use hair gel
  4. moonieVerse

    Art commission?

    Hello I wanted to know if anyone is interested in any diaper related commissions. I am a beginner artist and this is my first time doing commissions and I wanted to do commissions in something I really enjoy.
  5. LimeBloodedNoir

    Have you ever commissioned someone to draw diaper art for you?

    Have you ever commissioned someone to draw diaper art for you? If so! Please show it! Who was the artist? Was it of a human character? Or a furry character? Or was it yourself? Can you tell me about the character in the art? Why chose them? (I didint put this in furries because it...
  6. L

    Andy's introduction! yey!

    I am Andy. I am a introvert and partially a extrovert. I like to go for walks and take pictures of things that appear most interesting to me; such as gardens, plants, old cars, or animals. I like to go to coffee shops and start conversations about inspiration, creativity, nature, social aspects...
  7. WigglesThePup

    Present Thyself! Hi I'm Wiggles :3

    [I know I used the Cheat Sheet but come on it's too good!] 1. Who am I? Hi there! Call me Wiggles. I am introverted so it takes me some time to muster up the confidence to post things about myself so forgive me but I haven't done anything like this in years but lets give it a go. I'm the...
  8. J

    Finally joined ADISC

    I'm glad to finally be on this site, it something I've wanted to do for a while. I'm generally very charismatic and talkative person. I write a lot and read a lot, so I think that will work well on this site. The reason I joined is kind of weird. I've known about this site for a while and I've...
  9. Angellothefox


    Here is my lettest pictures of Angellothefox Errm...What are you looking at Act like a adult This has something around it. This was based around a meeting I had. Purple text reprisents self doubt. Blue text reprisents what was said. This regards the meeting that was had about me meeting up...
  10. ozbub

    Art exploring identity issues.

    I was watching an arts program today that was exploring artists who address confronting issues such as identity and diversity in society, commenting on aspects which are viewed by society as somewhat perverse or peculiar. It came as no surprise that photographer Polly Borland would be featured...
  11. Carboi

    Looking for AB/DL Artists

    I have a few scenes I can't get out of my head so I'm interested in commissioning some art. I have seen many, many artists over the years who do amazing work, so many that most of the names have slipped my mind. Can anyone recommend some good (read: talented/skilled) artists, regardless of if...
  12. sproutling

    New Babyfur sona <3 (artwork)

    Hehe, since I needed to make a new tumblr I made a new sona so people don't recognize my old sona anywhere. Meet baby Sol! He's a precious lion cub who hasn't quite grown in his mane yet! His...
  13. Sitherus

    bringing back the oldies (ellienoodlesoup)

    missing the best abdl artist i have ever come to know, sorry to anyone else that draws including me. I know i will never be as good as her. I wish to eventually find out what happened to her. I hope it wasn't death then removal of the arts by misunderstanding people. Anyways, shortly after...
  14. BabyCorry


    So... first time posting anything to the site that isn't diaper related. Found a link on reddit for a site that the poster said he used to create a personalized space wallpaper. Decided to have a look. After making several images, I started a little project. I liked how it turned...
  15. D

    Hi! New and stuff

    My lovely friend Lukethefur has just advised me to join up! I hope to meet some cool people here. Possibly you! You're probably cool. Maybe. Probably. A few things about me... 18 year old guy from the UK (south-west). Been distantly curious of the abdl community for about 3 years. Only...
  16. Sitherus

    Drawing request for profile picture

    I was thinking recently that My profile picture is kind of bland. Now I don't consider my self an expert but i like to draw. Im gonna draw my profile picture but why stop there. If anyone else wants to have their picture drawn by me just let me know ill see what i can do. I will do it for free...
  17. FievelandTonyAB93

    For Music Listeners..

    If there are any popular music artists that you enjoy listening to, who would you like to meet? I can accept music artists from any genre and from any era as an answer. In my personal opinion, I think I want to see Don Henley, the famous lead singer of Eagle, and Philip Oakley of the Human...
  18. TaviMunk

    Fun Group Pics

    Hey everyone. Hope ya all been doing well. Sorry I haven't been on here in gosh know how long. I lost track. ^^; Plus it took a few turns to remember my password <///< I see much has been going on since my last time here. I was told I was mentioned quite a bit. As he said I'm quite the...
  19. G

    A quick questionnaire/survey on the topic of craft.

    Hello community, For my university studies I have been given a summer project on the subject of 'value' and it's different meanings. This survey relates to craft objects and art, and I would really appreciate it if you could take 2-3 minutes from your browsing to complete this. This will be an...
  20. SillySwampert

    Your favourite Pokemon in diapers

    I've been thinking about it for a while now, and I have decided to put my drawing skills to some use. Recently, I've gotten back into a Pokemon mood and have even drawn not only my favourite Pokemon Swampert in diapers but also a Snivy in diapers for another member on the site. Seeing how...