1. Legolas


    Hey everyone! I'm poking my head back in once again for my Yearly Post (TM) :laugh: Who all is going to be at AC 2018? Furthermore, does anyone know of any meetups, parties, or get-togethers for us babs? I'm bringing a friend with me and I want to make sure their first convention is one to...
  2. F

    Anthrocon 2012

    It's almost here! So who's going to Anthrocon in Pittsburgh this year? I would love to hang out with more babyfurs and diaperfurs! Last year I was too socially lazy. I wandered around the halls and the Dealer's Room, too shy and self conscious to do much else. But not this year! I promised...
  3. LeonSoryu117

    Anthrocon 2011: Who's going?

    In the recent years, the babyfur community has grown rapidly, from a small subsection of the furry fandom to a full blown phenomenon! Since there seem to be a LOT of babyfurs around, I was wondering if any of you are going to be going to Anthrocon this year? I'll be attending, along with a few...