1. BayB8

    The annoying part about diapers

    So I just got my first package of Abena M4. This is my second time actually buying good diapers. First time was when I bought a few sample packs of Bambinos. I must say I think I like M4 much better though. I don't know what it is but they just seem to feel better. Anyway, I think the most...
  2. D

    Wanting to use in my house?

    So, I have a very interesting situation here. I am 19 and have lived on my own since right after I turned 18. I was curious before that but pretty much started wearing off and on after that. It was fine before because I was always alone. I recently moved and over the past couple of months my...
  3. Slut

    Things you can't stand :pizza:

    So, what do you find unbearable? Shoes on a bed, couch, clothes, anything that isn't the immediate floor. Ugh, and the table, too. When people mispronounce things when they know damn well how to. That Gangam Style song. When Bob Dylan whips out his harmonica. Uck. When people cry wicked...