1. michaelmc

    Kids films/animations

    Whats your favourit kids film or animation? So many to choose from, i like "Rugrats movie" still funny but so many others its hard to choose or list!:dunno:
  2. Ian16545

    What cartoon female (Western animation) do you want to diaper you?

    There are a select few threads that feature anime and diapers, so I suggested taking this one a step further: If you could have any Western animation cartoon female diaper you, who would you choose? My top picks are: Betty Boop Wilma Flintstone Jane or Judy Jetson Minnie Mouse any of the...
  3. Nieve

    Taking requests for animations in illustrator style :3

    Ok guys, it's time to take my requests to the next level. As I said in my last post, my objective was to practice my Illustrator skills but that was for the sole purpose of animating. Now, I offer you something different; sure, you get your fursona done in Illustrator style, but also I'll make...
  4. SuperSecretFoxy

    For all the Muse fans

    Hey guys, I'm a muse fan. I've listened to every single song they made and I still lov'em, so I made this kinetic typography movie. I didn't finish it because I already put in five hours of work and I was too tired to keep going. This is my first time EVER I made something like this so don't...