1. M

    PlushCon Discord Invite

    I threw together a mixed-content discord for Plush-lovers. I hope I can code up a reddit r/videos scraper bot for the reddit-tv channel. Here you go: Hopefully eventually I can ge a movie night going on
  2. Angellothefox

    The joys and magic to wearing onesies

    Some of you are adult babies. Some of you are diaper lovers. Some of you are littles. Some are babyfurs. Others are diaperfurs. Kidfurs and all of the above. They is no denaying that onesies are nice. weather your a baby or you are a diaper lover at just wants to try something new. So pull up...
  3. TinyBabyHooves

    *Wanders in*

    Hi there! I'm new to the community. My name is Daimhin, although I also go by other pseudonyms such as Gage and Damhirsch. I'm a 19 year old guy living in North East England. I'm currently attending college at the moment. In addition, I also hope to get into university at some point. Possibly to...
  4. C

    Fisher-Price Happy Days and Happy Nights

    So...Fisher-Price has diapers now. I looked around and I hadn't seen these mentioned anywhere and I wanted to know what other people thought about them. I really want to get a pack if only for the cuteness factor. Cute little animals who are awake on the 'day' diaper and sleepy on the...
  5. BernardFx

    Animal Imitators (Docummentary [THAT YOU MUST WATCH])

    OK, so, last night, me and my parents where watching this weird channal I really don't remember, when all of the sudden: Animal Imitators. I was like, "oh my god, please don't let it be furrys". Turns out, well, if you're interested, watch. It's a little creepy, but it's cool. "Mentally, on the...
  6. P

    Favorite Animal

    So...I'm pretty sure this hasn't been made yet...And by favorite animal, I don't mean your fursona (unless that's your favorite...I'm not sure how it all goes...)...But yeah...What's you're favorite animal? I feel mine is super obvious...
  7. X

    Cutest Animal

    Alright, in this thread all you do is post a link to a video or picture of animals that you think are the cutest ever! I'll start by posting these cute tiger cubs
  8. Unfused

    What are you?

    Please explain your fursona(s) here. You may write whatever you'd like about them... Name Age Species etc. To make it easier for me, I'm gonna do mine in 3rd person... My main fursona is a male, babyfur, kitty. He likes being pet, (or is the word petted? I believe it's pet... oh well)...