1. NomadSage

    Salvete, Hello, Hola

    Hello, everyone. I'm an American living in Spain. I just graduated from uni, and I did my last year of uni in Andalusia (the south of Spain). Now I live in Madrid and work as a teacher. I spend most of my free time writing and reading—I'm a bit of an introvert in a party-hard extroverted...
  2. DaddysLittleDefect

    Back on the net ^_^

    After a super annoying week of being sick (still), my desktop's OS HD suffering a fatal hardware failure, a weekend of promised snow that was only rain, and oh whatever else was lousy. It always amaises me that my old 9-10 year old laptop I got used of ebay still works fine, but modern...
  3. E

    Great news if you're American

    As I'm sure all us Americans are well aware of, we've been the butt of the world's fat jokes for quite awhile now. Well, great news! We're no longer the fattest country in the world! That title now belongs to Australia who managed to beat our 25% obesity rate by 1%. Australia World's Most Obese...