always discreet

  1. Sparrow75

    New purple edition of Always Discreet Boutique pull-ups

    It seems that a new color Always Discreet Boutique pull-ups is about to be available, as shown on the French website of Always Discreet : They...
  2. Sparrow75

    What's the point of dual leak barriers?

    It has been recently reported that the latest versions of Goodnites now features double leak guards. They are not the first as the Always Discreet pants already have such dual leaks guards. What do you think of their efficiency? I am wondering how they can work. If some liquid passes the first...
  3. Sparrow75

    Has someone tried the new Always Discreet Low Rise underwear?

    I didn't notice that the moderate absorbency version of the Always Discreet underwear have been upgraded. I use the maximum absorbency versions as they used to have exactly the same design as the moderate ones, but with slightly higher absorbency capacity. But the moderate ones now feature a...
  4. W

    Pull-Up Questions

    I would love to wear in public, but I'm paranoid someone will notice. My first pull up was a Tena. I then bought Always Discreet, and then Abena Abriflex. Perhaps I'm just paranoid, but I thought they were all noticeable under my clothes. In a way, the Tenas and the Always seemed less notable...
  5. Sparrow75

    A small review of Always Discreet underpants

    I never thought I would ever buy and wear an Always product but now that Always is unexpectedly entering the incontinence market with a range of new products, I was really eager to test their underpants out, from a Drynite / Goodnite wearer point of view. So here is a little review of the...
  6. Owls

    Always discreet underwear

    I recently tried the always discreet underwear. I was a little worried because there for women but I was pleasantly surprised. Any one else tried them yet?