alone in diapers

  1. SecretlyABDL94

    Is it Safe/Sanitary to Wear a Diaper, Take it Off, Put it Under my Mattress, and Put it Back on Next Time I'm Home Alone?

    Ok so here is my sitch, I'm a Diaper Lover who pefers ABU, Bambino Rearz, etc. Diapers over Depend, Abena, Attends, -Per-Fit etc. However, I am in college but still living at home so, obviously I can't be Diapered all the time, and I have to hide my Diapers from my family. The way I do it is I...
  2. Missilekid10

    Favorite Things to do in a diaper when you are home alone

    The one thing i miss this year is not having a day to myself where i dont have to worry bout someone texting me :(. During the summer I was able to spend a whole day (When i wasn't busy doing a job) sitting on the couch with my shirt and diaper watching either the sci-fi channel or boomerang...