1. PetPuppyAlex

    Saving money for diapers?

    Well, I have a problem. I have an allowance of 20 dollars a week, but during the week I always seem to spend it on things I deem "important". Such as clothes, weed, and video games. Then I get mad at myself because I wanted to save it for diapers. Is there any effective way to make sure I don't...
  2. PetPuppyAlex

    Buy some Bambinos now or later?

    Okay, so I've been saving my money for diapers. Duh. And I have enough for two cases of Bambinos [64 diapers each] and maybe for some more baby things...However, I'm only about 2 weeks away from having enough to get three cases. Which is 192 diapers in all. I tried asking what Jesus would do but...