1. A

    Hello guys and gals

    Hi everybody, i'm 19, live in the great state of Alaska, and a diaperfur. Love to play video games, mostly league of legends and world of tanks, so if ya play hit me up here, am very shy at first but tend to open up more when I get to know you. Been into the whole diaper thing for about 3 yrs...
  2. betagame

    Going to Alaska for over three weeks (JULY 30 UPDATE IN LAST OP POST)

    I am going on a road trip to Alaska to see things and possibly visit relatives. any dangerous things that I should be aware of? thanks!! Update jul 19, 2009: I am in Boise Idaho to visit my grandfather and I am using the Super 8 wifi.
  3. harris

    What's a Cruise Like?

    I'm being dragooned to go on a ten day cruise in Alaska as part of an extended family reunion. I don't relish the family reunion part, but I'm trying to be positive about this. It is a vacation, after all. I've never been on a cruise or to Alaska. My idea of a good vaction is a white-sand...