1. P

    Cloth diapers for bedwetting

    Does anyone have any recommendations on cheap cloth diapers? Bedwetting is on a daily basis (even during naps) and its getting kinda pricy. I'm leaning towards AiO diapers since the plastic covers would get uncomfortably hot at night. Has anyone used AiO diapers for this situation before? how...
  2. MegaChar

    Making an AIO cloth diaper help.

    My 2 yards of fabric that has Blaziken came in a few weeks ago and I want to make a AIO[all in one]cloth diaper out of it for me. So im asking if you know what other materials I need to buy,im going to make it like the Huggies diapers. Im taking sewing class so I can allways get help. Im...
  3. H

    Should I?

    I was just thinking about maybe buying a cloth AIO. I was deciding that it woul only be about $20 and would be worth it. Just wondering though. Is it hard to wash these (only wetting) and if I order one, what do you think that the chances of my parents finding out would be, either wearing...