1. BabyLillytheprincess


    Hi people would anyone like to role play with me?😊👉👈
  2. Mommysboi

    My mommy needs advice or suggestions

    Hello everyone! I would really love to get some help. Unfortunately for reasons unknown my mommy and I are going through some sort of a rough patch lately... we are in are late 20s and recently married. I came out to her last year and we have been trying to make it work ever since with very...
  3. Sweethoney

    Hidden little

    Anyone else hate having to hide that they like ageplay or is it just me. I wish people could be more open about the things that they like. I mean is me wearing a dipper or using a pacifier really going to hurt anyone one. I would love to find some friends to talk to about things like this.
  4. MatalicPebble

    Age play with a platonic relationship

    First off how would I go about doing this? I really want to be prepared if I ever make a friend who would like to age play. I have planned ahead of time that I don't want to change diapers. Only if they are incontinent would I consider it. The reason is because I don't want it to tempt me. I...
  5. BluMew

    Post CapCon 2017 feed dump

    I wanted to share this with all of you all. I just attended CapCon 2017 last week and relaying my experience to a friend I met at TeddyCon 2016 last year who unfortunately could not attend this year as tickets sold out before they bought one. The message will read a bit awkward or odd here on...
  6. L

    New Here

    Hello everyone. New little here. My name is Taylor. Just looking for some little friends to talk to..
  7. Angellothefox

    Another Tshirt I got printed

    Another Tshirt I got printed at the white rose this time it is a AGE PLAY Logo I got this with my suport worker and this time we had a stick. The guy wanted to know which one it was and then found it. Oh it is under Tshirt design :sweatdrop: So we waited for that to be printed and got some...
  8. ThePaddedPuppy

    Tykables Exposed

    Recently there has been an uproar in local residents regarding the Tykables store located in Mount Prospect, Illinois. Some of you may already know that in April, Tykables opened up a store in the Chicagoland area. Being a Chicago resident myself, I have visited this store and in no way shape or...
  9. kashi

    Making a change.

    You know I thought about starting a forum awhile ago after my most recent break up which was about give or take five days ago. I don't care to recall the exact date. I have spent all that time since then getting over it and with the help of friends and family I have. No small effort on my part...
  10. MattiKins

    The world's first (and only) ageplay rock band... I think.

    So... Ummm, I kinda did this. And I'm not tooting my own horn, I just like making music and sharing it. Babby Hammer Right now there are two songs, one being a tribute to the Big Little Podcast, the other about my excitement for TeddyCon. I have more songs I'm working on that will tell more...
  11. D

    Any Littles with Autism out there?

    Both me and my Daddy have autism and I wanted to see if any of you guys have ever been diagnosed either! I'd love to make some Aspie/Little friends! :grouphug:
  12. edgyfox

    Ageplay in television

    Looking for any ageplay/Age play related thing on television shows or movies. This is for a Project I'm doing to show and educate people the on the different types of ageplay. Doesn't have to be Nappy/Diaper related but will also be welcomed. Also if you have facebook I'm happy to show exactly...
  13. Fenrierlilfolf

    big bro's visit

    My big brother (babyfur big bro, not real brother although I love him like one) told me today that he is gonna visit me after all, in a couple of months x3 There are so many things I wanna do with him, that I am probably not gonna be able to do them all XD the thing is, I am equally as excited...
  14. forevertoddler

    Ageplay & Mental Illness

    I'm sorry if this seems too long or like I'm giving out my life story. I'm just curious. I've had Bipolar Disorder for awhile now. My medication doesn't work at all. When I get into a manic episode, I don't slow down at all. I keep screaming/bouncing/shaking. I more commonly have anger manic...
  15. Frogsy


    Why do AB caregivers enjoy their role? What are the draws? There are so many reasons why people enjoy being little. But I haven't seen the other side discussed much. Well, I love being a caregiver just as much as being cared for, or perhaps even more so at this point in my life. But why? Why...
  16. P

    LA diaper bud

    Diaper Dad/son/bro in LA [removed]. Rest of life -- reading history and novels, making music, hiking, theater.
  17. MollyJolly

    Regression as a part-time activity

    I personally enjoy being an adult; being an adult isn't something that I ever resented or tried to deny. 24/7 ageplay doesn't interest me; I'd miss adult responsibilities and privileges too much. That being said, while I enjoy being an adult, I like regressing to a child because it is a part...
  18. Vanessa

    Heylo newbie here XD

    Hello everyone, Otay My name is derek im 18 and am an adult baby and likes to crossdress. XD simple enough I hope. Also right now im wearing a boys pullup 4t-5t fits fine to waist is a lil below 34 im guessing. So hi everyone. Expecting to meet some online friends in for the same thing...
  19. B

    hi, i'm baby jimmy

    hi everyone. i decided to check out because it is fun to explore the many facets of the growing ab/dl community. as for me, i've come to understand that being an adult baby is just part of who i am. i've enjoyed ageplay, regression, babytalk, etc. for most of my life. fortunately...
  20. hihipuppy

    A new babyfur ^-^

    Hello there! the names Mathew, Though naughtywolfy is what i use as a username almost everywhere x3. i am indeed a babyfur, i love diapers but im embarassed to let my parents or anyone else know (you probably had this problem too x3) im an isolated pup.. which means ill do most of my socializing...