1. pumpkin

    Big Wave to everyone from S. Wales ABY

    Hello, I'm a 50 y/o AB male living in South Wales looking to make friends and share AB experiences with others. I enjoy wearing nappies/pull-ups and regression play as a 'little' boy who sometimes dressed up as a girl by mistake :o) & who's nearly there - but not quite - with potty training...
  2. Maxthedragonrider

    found a daddy...and i think this time i got it right.

    My boyfriend and I were talking about kinks recently and i came clean about wanting to be treated like a toddler/child and he was actually into it! :3 sometimes hes going to treat me like a toddler and do all kinds of fun stuff with me (bathe me, play with me, dress me, etc) and said he'd change...