1. AbbeyJunction

    No idea

    I was wondering what kind of diaper people would suggest for a "first time" wearer like myself. Remember, I'm stuck to my local pharmacy (Bartell's) and im too nervous to order online. I don't particularly have alot of money to use either. Any help for a TB? (new to this site, dont kill me...
  2. Jewbacca

    Idea about getting diapers at the store

    I just had an idea which may help people who are nervous about getting diapers in real life/being seen getting diapers. What you'd do is make it out to be a game where you're trying get the weirdest look from the cashier. One of the things you could get would be: some kool-aid mix, a ball of...
  3. Death Angel

    Me too I did it!

    i also got my first pack! Im wearing my first adult diaper,Finaly a diaper that fits. And it's the walmart brand :cool::D:cool: