1. KittyninjaW

    I'm not 100% sure what i am???

    Hey, Its me again. I fell I am doing well in my personal life, now because I fell I talked to my grandma and I got the whole truth out, She hasn't really mentioned it again but I've been doing good, emotionally since my last thread. Still There is one question that I have been wondering about. I...
  2. E

    Marriage/Diapers/ and a healthy sex life

    I bumped into this forum when I found the thread about practical aspects in marriage of diapers. I am the non wearer and I am not quite sure to be. I am from Europe, so please forgive if I do not find the right English some times. My husband told me about them when we met. My...
  3. S

    What is the best tabbed diaper?

    I am wanting to get some diapers that actually fit me (no more baby diapers). I would like to know what your opinions where on the best tabbed adult diapers. I have not tried any adult ones and need some advise. The diapers have to be able to be bought from a local store because I live with my...
  4. R

    UPS Package Holding Help

    First I want to say I DID try to figure this out by myself but I can't. I have heard that UPS and other shipping locations will store your packages at the store and not take it to your house. The site I am going through ships through UPS only so can anyone tell me how this works or give me a...
  5. AnonKiba

    need dating advice

    i can't believe I'm asking this but. How do i flirt? I am going to a movie with a guy for a second date and i really don't know how to flirt.