1. pldc

    Some AB relationship advice for a DL

    So here's the deal... I'm in a long term relationship and before I moved in with my girlfriend I wanted to tell her about my desires and feelings regarding my habits. This was by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do, and I was totally stressed out when I told her. The reason why I told...
  2. Cosmos

    I'm back! And I have questions for you all!

    Hey guys, Shu/Rosie here :o How is everyone? I'm on break from my first semester at college. It's nice to be home for a month. My plans are just to relax, see my family and friends, volunteer at the local humane society, and "indulge" a little! I didn't wanna post this in the greetings/intro...
  3. B

    Tips for a newbie?

    So my girlfriend and I have been playing more with diapers and dressup, and we love every second of it. I would love for her to start taking a more dominant role and making me eat baby food, punishing me (spankings or whatnot), etc. but we haven't found anything that helps her get in that...
  4. AnonKiba

    need dating advice

    i can't believe I'm asking this but. How do i flirt? I am going to a movie with a guy for a second date and i really don't know how to flirt.
  5. Rational

    Question for 24/7 wearers DL/-B

    after you start wearing 24/7. And after amount of time do you gain somewhat version of incontinence? Or just a comfterble feeling and just let it go? And have full control. Whos accually went all the way and got incontinent wearing 24/7? Im just going to do 24/7 for a week and see how...
  6. Rational


    Well there is this girl i kinda like a little bit. And we where friends for a while.And she said she liked me. She liked me 1000 more times i liked her. And she wants to go out with me and wants to date me. And being me i didnt want to do any of that. And she can tell that i like her. She...
  7. J

    what do i do

    ok so i have not worn in a while and sometimes i get nervous to that my mom will find out again so i think i might stop for a while :confused: what you guys think
  8. X

    Getting diapers in Sweden?

    So, I recently ran out of pampers size 6's (they were getting pretty tight anyway) and I've decided to look for some adult diapers next. The problem is, I can't order stuff (my dad's home by the time the mail arrives, while I'll still be in school ._.) and the only place that I know of that...
  9. Darkfinn

    I could use some diaper advice.

    Hey all... I know I'm usually the one providing suggestions to others... so I felt that turning the tables was fair enough. As the vast majority of you know... I am still wearing 24/7. I am currently using two diaper brands... Attends and Dry 24/7. This works out fairly well as I have the...
  10. tom

    Which would be less risky?

    After a long wait, I'm considering buying some nappies...sooner rather than later hopefully. Was wondering if you guys could help me out on this one. Do you think it would be better to buy them (I think I'm going to plan to get some drynites) in store, when I'm about 45 minutes car drive from...
  11. diaperedteenager

    This Summer

    I plan to wear 24/7 for about a week. Can anyone recomend any good brands for me to wear during this time?
  12. Serendiapity

    Some friendly advice for new users.

    Here's a couple of tips for ADISCing. Simple, I know, but necessary. #1. Please do not post on threads that aren't your own that haven't been posted on in a while. "A while" could be anything from a few weeks to a few months. However, if the creator of the thread is still active, and the thread...
  13. betagame

    bring the tips bar back!

    we need the tips bar back for example: pretending to be incontinent it was there before the 3.7 upgrade