1. H

    I need help deciding if I should tell my boyfriend

    To put it simply: I need boyfriend advice. My boyfriend and I have been dating for a couple years now. He’s really sweet and nice and I love him as much as I am able. We don’t do sex but he is at least tolerant of that. He compliments me and seems to think the world of me. I know he loves me a...
  2. kashi

    Study Abroad

    So in about two months I will be leaving from the U.S. to study abroad in Akita Japan for about six months Aug-Dec. I am very much looking for tips tricks and advice in regards to this venture as it will be a first for me on many levels. This will be the furthest I've ever been away from home...
  3. L

    Getting Back into Diapers

    So for 2 years I have been "diaper free" due to the crazy changes in my adult life. I wanted to start wearing diapers again since I have more free time. Do you guys have any suggestions/advice on how I can start wearing diapers again after 2 years of "not being diapered"?
  4. MatalicPebble

    I really did not think I needed help with this but..........

    I have a friend who I am really starting to get close to. He is starting to be like a close brother to me. That scripture; I am thinking about sharing rent to a house with him because he still lives with his mother and I live in an apartment where the rent is crazy. My rent is ($630) and I am...