1. tiny

    Smarty TV ad: money off unused nappies...?

    I thought this TV advertisement was quite amusing. It involves a kid trying to return a nappy to a shop because he doesn't need them any more. He implores the shopkeeper to smell them to confirm that they are unused! :laugh:
  2. B

    New trend: Acceptance Incognito or Unrecognized Marketing

    I'm pretty sure that we've all noticed that in recent times, companies have been moving to make more of their product more enjoyable. I'm not just talking about the ABDL products that we are starting to see more of, but I'm talking about all the mundane products that we don't reall think about...
  3. Indianajones

    Diaper Advertisments - everybody's favorites ;)

    Greetings everybody - just for the sheer heck of the exercise :sweatdrop: , I decided to look through some nappy commercials (following seeing the Huggies Pull-up "graduate to undies" on the television). I came across one which I thought was a bit "individual" to say the least... BabyLove -...
  4. tiny

    ABs in advertising! (Aldi supermarket UK TV advert)

    I was just at a friends house watching TV and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw this ad for the budget supermarket, Aldi: ALDI UK TV spot Just thought you might like to have a chuckle... I wonder if the producers actually know about ABs or whether it was just some "crazy...