1. tiny

    Smarty TV ad: money off unused nappies...?

    I thought this TV advertisement was quite amusing. It involves a kid trying to return a nappy to a shop because he doesn't need them any more. He implores the shopkeeper to smell them to confirm that they are unused! :laugh:
  2. TheEternalPhoenix

    Intriguing P&G 'case competition' advert

    Just stumbled over this and wondered if any of you had seen it? Fictional advertisement pitch for P&G Competition involving '#luvsforlife' The blog post: and The 'advert'...
  3. tiny

    ABs in advertising! (Aldi supermarket UK TV advert)

    I was just at a friends house watching TV and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw this ad for the budget supermarket, Aldi: ALDI UK TV spot Just thought you might like to have a chuckle... I wonder if the producers actually know about ABs or whether it was just some "crazy...