1. R

    New mommy looking to learn

    My boyfriend of 5 years very recently confessed his ABDL tendencies to me. I was really confused and slightly weirded out at first. I think he saw that, and told me he didn’t expect me to accept or even tolerate this part of him. He said he’d been terrified to say anything and hadn’t meant to...
  2. Uggu

    Ever just wonder why?

    I know the majority of us already accepted this side of our selfs, but ever just put yourself in someone else shoes? Like, I know I like diapers and love the feel of a full wet diaper with sap between my legs and sometimes feel like a baby. But... why? Idk. Like right now... the regular person...
  3. S

    adult baby nursery uk

    hi all, I have just booked in to visit mummy amanda's nursery and while i am super excited i am also very very nervous to see her and her nannys. i follow them on twitter and it looks amazing almost too good to be true. my question has anyone ever been to see them. p.s I am not a nursery...
  4. LilRetroBoy

    my introduction

    my name is thomas but call me tom i am adult baby i am interested in how other people in the community live no doubt it will be different to my way of living an AB life i currently live with my mum and dad who don't no that i am AB and i hope to keep it that way aside from my AB side i am...
  5. Y

    how to become a adult baby

    hi every one i want to become a adult baby so please help me and tell me a process see i am a bedwetter i wet my bed 3 times a night
  6. I

    An adventure of an Lifetime?

    Hi all, It's been a while sense I've popped in and said a single coo or anything hasn't it? Well there's be tons of reasons, mainly the fact I quit my job nearly a month ago. Don't worry I'm not upset about that or anything. Infact I'm about to start a grand adventure! This adventure is a...