adult diapers

  1. SecretlyABDL94

    What is That Amazingly Wonderful Smell You Get From Baby and ABU Diapers?!

    So I bought a few ABU Diapers, the first two I got scented with the scent strip and I did not like it at all, from far away it smells good but up close it is really overbearing. So, I got two $5 coupons from ABU and used it to order 2 more Diapers, and pay the remainder with my card, but I made...
  2. Pokogirl

    Back to Diapers Again & In Need of Urgent Suggestion

    So.... I'm finally back to diapers after a long break. I'm currently wearing a leftover xxl size pink mamy poko pants pullup. Haven't wet it yet. Seems like my bladder has become a little shy after so many months of not peeing in a diaper. The reason I took the break was to save money for...
  3. M

    Wanting to know opinions of adult diapers

    Hello everyone, I don't know if this type of subject for diaper talk has been discussed (if it has I apologize). So as a DL I've never tried an actual AB diaper...but never tried a lot of medical diapers neither (some but not a lot). So here's my question to those AB/DL's out their. If you...
  4. TeddyBearCowboy

    Alternative to Depends Fitted Briefs

    Does anyone have any suggestions of a diaper that is similar to the discontinued Depends fitted briefs? I am asking this, because my "go-to" diaper for wearing out in public under my clothes was the former and now discontinued Depend fitted brief. I know, I know, that it certainly wasn't the...
  5. M

    why do you wear adult diapers

    I thought I would express or tell the reason behind me wearing adult diapers!. Well for me I absolutely love the soft plastic wrapped around my waist and the soft padding between my legs :). I honestly can not remember what got me to wear one for the first time but obviously something had me...
  6. toze

    European abdl diapers/ Ordering abdl diapers from within Europe

    Hey guys, the (personal) reason why I'm posting this will be in an adendum at the end, so that I don't waste anyone's time :) The purpose of this thread is to ask a simple question: What are your experiences in ordering ABDL diapers in Europe? What diapers are available to purchase inside the...
  7. Peterhsu

    buy diaper in Paris, France

    I'll go to Paris and spend 4 days this August. do anyone know where I can buy adult diapers? and any plastic backed and thick diapers? Because I've found the Google map, there are only Carrefour CITY and EXPRESS or some small pharmacy which near I live ,between the tube Pere Lachaise and...
  8. L

    Thickest Diapers for the Price

    After squeezing into Goodnites for years, I have started to get very curious about the world of adult diapers. My girlfriend said she is willing to put me in a proper tape-on diaper, so I have been trying to figure out which diapers to buy. I would like to get diapers that are no more than $1.25...
  9. BabyRyu

    A big story on bigger diapers

    **HEY YOU! I know that this is a long post, (I have a lot on my mind about this whole thing!) If you don't feel like reading the whole thing I understand, so I left stars by the question(s) I ask at the end so that you can still help out! Thanks! <3 Hello my fellow AB/DLs ^ - ^ Well I must...
  10. A

    this is my start

    hello. i have been wanting to make an account on this site for a while now and i finally did it. i enjoy wearing diapers and wearing diapers in public. i don't dress up like a baby and i don't regress into a baby either. i enjoy my life alot and there is a large part of my life that doesn't have...
  11. oboysetht

    Rare thrift store find

    Found a few Asian brands at a local thrift store yesterday and for 4 bucks a pack couldn't pass them up. They are made by a company named Rikang. Trying them out for the first time today, because my parents went out of town. I'm posting some photos below and will also write a review once tested...
  12. G

    New Depends Packaging!!!

    Hello Forum, Yesterday I was at CVS and strolled down the diaper aisles and I noticed that depend came out with a new packaging for the male guards and they say Maximum Absorbancy. I will try to buy today and will post pics let me know if any one else has seen them. Thank you
  13. crowza

    Cheap yet great quality Diapers

    Today I got a case of First Quality IB Plastic back diapers. I saw them on ebay for 55 bucks a case so I decided to buy them and give them a try. To my surprise they are decent diapers, not as bulky. But they do hold a lot. For 72 diapers thats a good deal.
  14. K

    Getting blue cross to Cover adult diapers

    I need to find out how to get blue cross to cover some or all of the cost of adult diapers. If anyone has gotten them to pay for their diapers please tell me exactly how to get them to pay for them. Thanks In Advance
  15. N

    How come all the diapers are going non-woven?

    Just some years ago, most premium diapers was plastic backed. But somehow something changed, and many of the manufacturers has started to use non-woven materials instead of plastic. I know that there's an environmental reason for this, but I still don't get how and why they're starting with the...
  16. B

    Diaper Disposal system/can?

    I'm working in a Café, we've got these Sangenic litter bins for diaper disposal... so... I was wondering if anyone has tried out Tommee Tippee's Sangenic Hygiene Plus or any products that works the same way? Is this suitable for disposing of adult diapers? Are there any other products that is...
  17. C

    group homes, diapers and epilepsy.

    How to know when you should go into a group home because of epilepsy and pooping and peeing a diaper because of seizures anytime of the day and what group homes in Northern California? Plus permanently no control over bladder and bouls because of me being UN-compliant with meds? should I go to a...
  18. EmoCowMoo

    The "idea" of larger pampers

    I've been thinking, I know tons of ABDLs have bombarded the baby diaper industry (Pampers, Huggies, etc) for them to make bigger diapers, ones for adults. There's so many problems to that, I mean they can't just up and do that; I mean that'd b freakin awesome to wear a Pampers Cruisers diaper...