adult babywear

  1. blablafreckenlover

    an easy way to make an incognito baby leash or child safety harness

    Just thought I would share my knowledge on how to make a crude baby leash using ropes and harbinger clips. This design is loosely based off of the harnesses on this site: Child Safety Harnesses for baby, toddler, older child, Special Needs. Child Harness, Toddler Harness, Autism Harness, Older...
  2. J

    Cuddlz Onesie, washing instructions?

    I just got a super cute cuddlz onesie... It's lovely and soft with dinosaurs on it :smile1: great stuff! It doesn't come with any washing instructions however and I don't want it to lose its fluffiness! Does anyone have one? Can I just bung it in with my normal colour wash? Thanks :)