adult baby

  1. puddlefeet

    Adult Baby Room Showcase!

    Let's see those cribs, playpins, and whatever you have or dream about! Would love to have one myself someday! <3
  2. bbykitty

    Any other AB’s struggling to function dtd ?

    Evening! My name is Kitty- I am primarily an age regressor- Just stumbled on here - posting to perhaps not feel so alone…. Seeing if there are any AB’s struggling to function rn? I recently switched down to part time at work because functioning as an adult human is just too overwhelming - as a...
  3. LittlePigCub

    Hewwo I'm Liam From Liverpool UK

    Hi there i'm a Nonsexual Little/Adultbaby i just returned to the Little Lifestyle after a 2/3 year break and soo excited to make new friends and cuddle all the stuffies! feel free to come say hi, i'm very friendly, warm, cuddly and love meeting new folks, i'm an open book and look forward to...
  4. BabyLillytheprincess

    🥺👉👈 Does anyone think im adorable

    Does anyone think im adorable? 🥺 I also I have a wet diaper 😭
  5. BiCouple1980

    My wonderful Wife

    I just wanted to share how wonderful my Wife is with my ABDL side. I’m away a lot, so we spend small amounts of time together but tonight (and a good number of nights) she allowed me to walk around in just my nappy, a T-shirt and my dummy. She wore a bra for breast feeding mothers and dry fed...
  6. ItsDozinTime

    Little Euphoria

    i just spent the whole day in my dipies and toddler shirt. i don't understand why this makes me feel so good . i can't explain how good it feels or why it feels so good. but i felt great all day! it's soothing and relaxing and. exhilarating.
  7. StrawberryRaven

    Found an AB (anime) story if anyone is interested

    Big fan of anime, so I've been watching Laughing Salesman (1989) this year. Found myself almost done with the series and then BAM! adult baby episode. Laughing Salesman AB EP If you know nothing of Laughing Salesman, its basically about a guy that grants you wishes but with a price. Its never...
  8. B

    ABDL Snapchat?

    Any members of the ABDL community wanna connect [Removed] ~KitsuneFox ? I'm 20, male, bisexual. Drop names below or ask for mine. 😊🧸🍼🧷
  9. BabyPantz

    Seattle's Fort Apache's Private Nursery and Play Grounds

    Life long Fetish Adult Baby in Seattle, once I helped publish Play Pen Magazine, Tales from the Crib, sleeps in real Seattle Children's Hospital Crib, took way early retirement to live as Adult Baby, Very Happy Big Baby! Simply adore thick soft cloth Diapers and sexy shiny noisy Plastic Baby...
  10. larikaz

    Do I have a Title? Do I need one?

    I'm just trying to get a few thoughts on 'paper' and the rest of you are welcome to read/comment, etc. I've recently started asking myself whether I'm an AB, a DL, a Babyfur, Diaperfur, or some combination of everything. The way I've heard it defined, AB's like to regress. I don't really do...
  11. ItsyBitsyBabySara

    sissy baby

    Hi Hi I is an adult baby. I am a sissy baby girl cause I love the colorful and cute clothes that baby girls wear. I am a cry baby, a needed baby and a busy baby. I've always since I could first remembered I wanted to be a baby but I decided not to tell my family about it even at age 4...
  12. Demonbabywearspamps

    Adult sized tricycle?

    I found a adult tricycle that looked like a kids bike and it got me thinking. Since we have some adult sized things including cribs and even baby bouncers why not some more toddler like things? I'd love to have a tricycle and ride around on it when I'm being little!
  13. S

    Diaper Snapchat group

    Anyone wanna join a diaper Snapchat group? Pm me snap name or write it down below
  14. LittleJ123

    Little/AB becoming more DL

    Hey Everyone! as some of you probably know, I definitely identified more with the little side of things. Don't get me wrong, I love diapers and stuff, but my time diapered was primarily spent doing little things like playing with blocks, coloring, and watching kids shows. Recently, however, I...
  15. DragonPrinceling

    Which came first, the AB or the DL?

    I was little for a while before I tried diapers. When I first wore a diaper, it was a test to see if they guided me into, and helped me stay in, littlespace. It was then that I realised how great diapers are in their own right. What I hadn’t realised before joining Adisc- this is the other way...
  16. DragonPrinceling

    Littlespace Place

    Do you have a place where it is easier for you to slip into a little headspace? For me, the attic at my foster family’s home is the perfect space. It is full of all my sister’s old toys from growing up, I have to crawl to get around, and nobody bothers me but the cat- and the cat is adorable...
  17. D

    AB's with Physical Disabilities?

    I was wondering if anyone has a physical disability and is an AB or Little. And if so, how has being in diapers helped you?
  18. D

    Becoming more comfortable wearing

    Over the past couple days I started wearing in over 10 years. I've had diapers on almost the entire day. Today I made my first little lunch (dino nuggets, mac and cheese, tater tots, and applesauce with a bottle. I've also spent time in my new onesie. I'm sure this experience isn't new to anyone...
  19. D

    Dressed up as an AB for the first time

    Hi all. Today I dressed up (diapers, bib, onesie, bottle etc) and in the middle of eating my goldfish this sudden wave of sadness and loneliness came over me. Has anyone ever felt that way when in little space or dressing up as an AB?
  20. D

    Wearing for the first time in years

    Hi all- I just purchased a cloth diaper from Rearz and put it on. I'm getting disposables along with other baby accessories tomorrow. Wow, what a great feeling it is to wear again. Just thought I'd share that with you all :)