adult baby

  1. Austen00

    Flooding stories

    Ok so I’m starting off with my story of the time I flooded my diaper so me and my girlfriend/mommy we’re doing age play and she left to run errands and left me in my play pen but I had to go and mommy had me in a pull up but I’m not allowed to take off my pull up without mommies permission or I...
  2. Austen00

    The rules made by mommy and me

    So when we do little role play me and my girlfriend have rules we set based on our little age so let’s start youngest and go to oldest Newborn to 6 months No talking only crying I am only to drink milk from my bottle I will do everything I need to do in my diaper no exceptions Mommy will do...
  3. babygrayble

    Adult Baby Nursery (Just an Idea)

    Hello! I live in southern California and considering it's a huge tourist spot, I've thought about opening an ABDL nursery. Now, this idea is far from getting off the ground. I'm still in school and I would need more experience (and funds) to make this happen. But I would like to get some ideas...
  4. psychonautalis

    Favorite Place to Buy Little Clothes?

    Hey There My Little and Big Friends, I'm just curious about your favorite online places to buy little/AB clothes ? Looking to buy some overalls and maybe somethings that might pass in the right public situations. Share with meeeeee I love you 💖 psychonautalis
  5. babygrayble

    Diaper Reccomendations

    I'm new to buying diapers, and I have trouble finding good ones for myself. I wear a 2xl and prefer printed diapers. So far I have only tried BareBum and Cushies by ABU.
  6. babygrayble

    New Member of the Adult Baby Community!

    Hello! My name is Grayble and I am new to this website! I have been a regressor for most of my life, but I have only identified the concept within the past few years. About Me: I am a strong Christian woman from San Diego, California. I am in my last year of high school, and will be graduating...
  7. SecretlyABDL94

    Am I an Adult Baby or Diaper Lover?

    So, I'm kind of torn between whether I'm an Adult Baby or a Diaper Lover. I love diapers like a diaper lover, but I pefer brands like ABU/Bambino/Rearz etc. Over Depend/Abena/Attends/Per-Fit etc. like an Adult Baby since these Diapers have fun Baby prints on them. I like them more because they...
  8. Poofybutt

    When You're Tired

    So, I pulled an all nighter yesterday and suffice it to say, when I got home at around noon, I was pooched. All the way home, I felt groggy and little, like I couldn't wait to be diapered and in AB-zone. As soon as I entered the door, my AB side struck. I collapsed on my bed and just sucked...
  9. SecretlyABDL94

    Happy ABDL Halloween!!!

    Need a costume idea for Halloween ABDLs? Just go as yourself. Adults dress up like babies for Halloween all the time anyway so, most people will think nothing of it. They don't know you dress up like a baby all the time and that you're really an ABDL, they'll just think you're wearing a costume...
  10. M

    mental regression tendencies

    I choosed my name mentallybaby intentionally, cause Iam totally obsessed into regression, espacially mental regression. In my fantasies I fantasyze about becoming a real adult Baby permanently, leaving me with my adult body but the mind of an infant. Maybe I idealize the mental capacity of a...
  11. Poofybutt

    Regular People Responding Positively to AB

    So, I had an interesting experience today. I attended a meet-up being held by other students and local artists and we got to talking about projects we'd like to make. Well, one woman chimed in with, "does anybody know about Adult Babies?". Being as I am one, I didn't speak up, but I squirmed...
  12. ClandestineWing

    Hair Styles

    Bringing up a not-so-tired topic because it's been on my brain lately. Who here does or takes interest in those who do their hair specifically for little space, and what kind of styles do you prefer it in? The idea of having someone tie someone else's hair back into a ponytail or pigtails has...
  13. kik91

    The Epitome of Love: An ABDL Novella (Free Ebook for you!)

    Hi guys. So, as you probably read on my other post, I am releasing my ABDL Novella under a penname soon. The interior file designed by an editorialist is ready, all that's in progress is the cover artwork. Should be done in a week or two maybe, my artist is a bit busy. But... I am releasing...
  14. utjerry

    100 hours diapered and a baby

    So my wife and I have this agreement that my play things are fine for me, but to leave her out of it. She knows that when I go on business trips I take my baby things with me, diapers, plastic panties, binky, etc. Well she is leaving town this week and I have decided to go for 100 hours...
  15. AsianCutie

    My boyfriend did convince me into diapers

    We have been together for almost 4 years now and right in the beginning of our relationship, my boyfriend did confess about his diaper fantasies. I can remember, I felt that was really odd because I did not know anything about adult baby world. I looked up on the Internet to understand what that...
  16. PrincessRosalind

    Any diaper tips?

    So I bought the largest size of a bunch of baby diapers and pull-ups because people said skinny kids could wear them, always comparing waist sizes, mines only 26”, not realizing a big booty will completely stop that from happening haha. Now, my problem is, I live with my parents still because...
  17. Poofybutt

    Back to Being a Solo Baby Boy

    Hey Everyone, So, as you may have noticed, I haven’t posted much over the last few days. In addition to it being Canada Day long weekend, I was lucky enough to have a baby weekend with my Mommy friend. We’ve had plenty of fun with our Mommy and Baby friendship, this weekend was the first time...
  18. Scamander14

    Opportunity to Buy Diapers

    So, my mother and sister are going out of town tomorrow and won’t be back until five or six. I am thinking of going out after work that day as a pretense. My dealt reason would to be to buy some diapers. I have been extremely stressed out with family matters, starting college, and living on my...
  19. BabyDL44

    DL curious about AB

    I am currently a DL. Curious about the AB side. What's the best way to try the AB experience?
  20. sissybabypansy

    Hello, I'm a permanent sissy baby... new to this site

    Hello name is pansy Gronski, and I am fortunate that I am able to live permanently as a sissy baby..... I'm in diapers 24/7, incontenent both pee and poo, I drink formula daily, speak with a very heavy childish lisp, and never wear anything even resembling "A Grown-Up" Thank you...