adult baby diapers

  1. Karit

    I Made My Own Cute Adult Size Baby Diapers... You Can Too!

    With a little effort, you can make your own cute diapers. Here’s how in 4 easy steps… Take a Tranquility ATN (All Thru the Night) Diaper and carefully pull apart the plastic from the padding. Take a Pull-Up and tear away the sides to have a flat diaper. Dab a small amount of rubbing alcohol...
  2. Y

    Are there/Will there ever be ACTUAL adult baby diapers?

    Hey there! Long time lurker, first time poster. I've been wanting to post this for a long time because I've never really seen a post on this. So I guess I'll start one. First of all. I don't think anything compares to baby diapers. Huggies, Pampers, there's no comparison. They have so many...
  3. WearingClouds

    New exotic diaper reviews

    Hello diapered friends! Here is my introduction to the site! I have been a DL ever since I could remember. After I was potty trained I still stuffed my undies with baby blankets. I didn't go pee in them lol, but I loved the feeling. Throughout the years I have gotten diapers, binged, purged...