adult baby diaper lover

  1. babygrayble

    Adult Baby Nursery (Just an Idea)

    Hello! I live in southern California and considering it's a huge tourist spot, I've thought about opening an ABDL nursery. Now, this idea is far from getting off the ground. I'm still in school and I would need more experience (and funds) to make this happen. But I would like to get some ideas...
  2. B


    hi all, just introducing myself, im female, 19 years old. im fun to get a long with and i like to play lg :) feel free to message or chat.
  3. blablafreckenlover

    an easy way to make an incognito baby leash or child safety harness

    Just thought I would share my knowledge on how to make a crude baby leash using ropes and harbinger clips. This design is loosely based off of the harnesses on this site: Child Safety Harnesses for baby, toddler, older child, Special Needs. Child Harness, Toddler Harness, Autism Harness, Older...
  4. D

    My Introduction

    Hello everyone, I am currently in college studying journalism and video game design. I haven't decided if I want to primarily develop or review video games, but probably a little bit of both. My interest in diapers is being a diaper lover and an adult baby. These interests peaked because I was...
  5. A

    AB or DL?

    Which one are you? Personaly, I am a little of both, mostly DL though