adult baby clothes

  1. B

    How do you order from Privatina?

    I really really reeeally want a cute clothes from Privatina and me and Caregiver tried to buy it, but it didn't work D: I saw some people here talking about that they ordered from Privatina, and I tried to but after I made my order, and it was like "you did a order :)" there was no button where...
  2. T

    Ab/dl clothing

    Just a question for all out there. Would anyone be interested in baby themed or plain custom clothing? Meaning u can choose the fabric. These clothes would bee in teen and adult sizes. Also they dont have to be babyish but could be nuetrel, used for holding diapers in place and hidden
  3. suede

    a good source for "work shirt" onesie?

    Hi everyone. I was searching for a good basic black t shirt onesie. Something i can wear to work and it just looks like im in a black t shirt thats tucked in. My big thing is that id really prefer a shirt with the pocket over the left breast, so i can carry my cigs and lighter. Im sure a lot...