adult babies

  1. DiaperCorry

    Is anyone from the notts area? I’d like to make friends

    Is anyone from the notts area? I want to make friends close to home
  2. Avsdiapeeboi62

    Happy for and jealous!

    I have just wondered if there are any bABies out there that are happy and like to read and see Mommy/Daddy bABY couples enjoying and sharing this great dynamic of ABDL! I truly am very happy for those that can and have a great ABDL relationship, and share the dynamics on social media outlets...
  3. Angellothefox

    How would you feel if we had a ABDL bar?

    If it was possable how would you feel if we had our own bar for both Adult Babies and Diaper Lovers and the ABDL fandom? Of course, we will have to follow by the rules of law on whatever silly little thing that it has like the rediculas sexual act for the lavortory Sexual Offences Act 2003...
  4. kik91

    The Epitome of Love Released! COVER! BONUS CONTENT! HERE!

    Mods, please forgive me for so many posts on the same thing haha. This is the final post, I swear!! So... FINALLY GUYS! The book is being released!! Amazon KDP is probably reviewing the files and should have a final release in the next two days tops!! I am going to set the paperback price as...
  5. Canadian24baby7

    Hello From Atlantic Canada

    Hello Male here from Atlantic Canada! :thumbsup:
  6. Angellothefox

    kiwi farm Angellothefox's profile and my comments Part 2

    Warning due to the nature of these people I have taken out any bad languege and replaced it with symbles as seen on the game conkers bad furday. Since I have tried my best to keep it a PG 13 some parts are blacked out that I feel are not approprite and also names have been missing since I do not...
  7. Angellothefox

    I have done it. I have made RP for all of us.

    This is a community wear you can ether sit back and chat or you can This is a community for anyone who is 18+ but keep in mind that that dose not mean it is adult theme. So please keep it PG13 :sweatdrop: I would like to...
  8. Angellothefox

    8 ABDL documentals

    This is from someone known on Youtube as Boy Diaper Lover. 8 ABDL documentals They use a computer voice because let's face it people are not exepting of some abdls :sad: So it is better to discise your voice then recording your real voice and everyone knowing who you are. Here they have 8...
  9. Angellothefox

    How do you get into the little spirit?

    How do you get into the little spirit? What do you do to make you feel like your a baby or a little? Please comment down bellow.
  10. M

    Baby-like diapers

    Helllo everyone! I just recently joined the great community here, I am new to all the ABDL stuff... I started few months ago with Tena diapers which I like a lot. Anyhow, we all know that as good as an adult diaper can get - it's never the same as wearing a baby diaper (or any adult diaper that...
  11. kikee

    Meet & Greet Social Events on the Calendar

    We've just concluded our annual TeddyCon in Allentown/Bethlehem Pennsylvania, and our annual "Camp Abdulia" in Portland Oregon, that were attended by hundreds of friendly ABDL/IC people. - Sorry we missed meeting You, but keep an eye on the Calendar for some more upcoming events in 2014 if You...
  12. A

    Hi from Northern Ireland ^^

    Im a diaper fur I have always loved diapers for as long as I can remember I'm shy but I wana meet other ab/dls chat and make friends =3
  13. B

    Adult Babys on Fetlife

    Hey guys I seem to be using alot recently and was wondering if anyone else used it. If so add me my user is NZ_Pup. I'm a 19 year old casual guy. Flick me a message im open and I won't judge. See you guys around :D
  14. D

    Male to female ratio AB's.

    Ok, I pretty much know that there are more male AB's than there are female AB's but my question to you guys is what the difference is. I've heard of different statistics but was not sure if they were at least in the ball park. It's just something I've always wondered.:detective3
  15. kennyrallen

    " Only Babies Wear Diapers"

    I have to wonder how many of us have heard this. Wondering to If some of us didn't become Adult babies because of our need to wear diapers because of our IC problems. Because some time in our lives we heard someone say that Diapers are only fore Babies. NO Diapers are not just for Babies. We...
  16. D

    Meeting in real life.

    I know that this type of thread has been made and all that but I can't find one so I am asking anyone out there, is there any site where AB's meet???? I've just always wanted to meet someone else...:sweatdrop:
  17. tiny

    ABs in advertising! (Aldi supermarket UK TV advert)

    I was just at a friends house watching TV and my eyes nearly popped out of their sockets when I saw this ad for the budget supermarket, Aldi: ALDI UK TV spot Just thought you might like to have a chuckle... I wonder if the producers actually know about ABs or whether it was just some "crazy...
  18. B

    AB shoping in Dubai

    Baby of the Arabia I love to travel a lot and to get introduced to new culture I adore what we as a human being are capable of. I just had a tour at the Balkan countries and it is amazing history, sometimes painful. But I always like to move between the different cultures with my camera and...
  19. L

    New Sissy AB

    Hi everyone, I would just like to introduce myself - I am Lottie (Charlotte) and very new and inexperienced Sissy AB, just starting out on what I hope will be a wonderful adventure. I would love to chat with all you lovely Sissies, AB's, and DL's to hear about your experiences and learn from...
  20. P

    Je suis un papa du Québec

    Bonjour je suis un papa qui aimerais adopter bébé adulte qui a 18 ans et plus mais qui régresse a un age de 2 ans et moins (deleted 18+ content)